Unlock Doors to New Revenue Streams & Growth Prospects through Outsourcing

By: Katrina Galeos, Director Sales, Easy Outsource | Friday, 10 May 2024

Katrina Galeos has been part of the outsourcing industry for last 17 years, during which she has carried a wide variety of industry functions across APAC, US and Canada region. She holds expertise in forging strong client relationships, negotiating complex deals, and identifying new business opportunities.

"Outsourcing should be viewed as the employment of an individual rather than the outsourcing of a function."

In a recent conversation with team GWL, Katrina talks about her understanding and views on driving revenue growth in the outsourcing industry. She also sheds light on the growing adoption of cutting-edge tech such as AI and IoT for the augmenting outsourcing industry’s growth. 

The outsourcing industry has witnessed steady revenue growth amid digitalization. In your opinion how can outsourcing be leveraged to boost revenue growth?

One of the questions that often arises in my conversations with clients is regarding the benefits of outsourcing. During discovery calls, I ensure that I cover the key pillars. These include access to a wider talent pool, cost savings, access to specialized skills, and the ability to focus on core business functions. In today's digital age, outsourcing is not merely about low-cost labor; it's also about accessing superior talents, regardless of location.

I always emphasize to my clients that they can consider us as their offshore recruitment department, granting them full access to our recruiters, account managers, and even our sales team. In simple terms, it's akin to having a global expansion button for the business. When businesses collaborate with outsourcing providers, they're not solely receiving assistance with tasks; they're also gaining access to a world of opportunities. These providers maintain teams across the globe.

Therefore, clients also have access to teams from across the globe. Consequently, these businesses can reach customers in new territories and explore untapped markets. It's akin to unlocking doors to new revenue streams and exciting growth prospects, both domestically and internationally.

As a global sourcing leader with a decade of experience, what strategies do you believe can businesses employ to ensure successful integration and management to maximize productivity and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced landscape?

As a global sourcing leader, I like to don my consultant hat. For me, it's all about thoroughly understanding clients before delving into tools like virtual assistants. I believe it's crucial to align these tools with their goals and needs. Let me share an example. Recently, a startup company approached us looking to boost sales by hiring a sales development representative (SDR).

However, as a consultant, I don't rush into recruiting the SDR right away. I believe it's vital that we set them up for success. Thus, I'd need to consider several factors: Do they have leads to work on? Is there a ready marketing strategy to drive inbound traffic? Do they possess the necessary tools for the SDR's work? These questions require addressing before proceeding with hiring the SDR.

So, what did we do? We advised them to strengthen their brand first. We helped them create a marketing strategy aimed at generating inbound traffic. Only then did we suggest they think about hiring the SDR. Essentially, it's about laying the groundwork for success.

How can businesses effectively balance the benefits of outsourcing non-core functions with the potential risks of losing control over essential aspects of their operations?

Outsourcing should be viewed as the employment of an individual rather than the outsourcing of a function. Whether someone works remotely or in the office, treating them as a valued member of the team is crucial. Remote staff should feel a sense of belonging, just like anyone else on the team.

Building a culture of collaboration is crucial. Encouraging teamwork, mutual respect, and open communication fosters a positive environment where everyone can thrive. When people feel included and valued, it lays the groundwork for innovation and productivity to flourish across all teams. With such a culture in place, there's no need to worry about losing control; it's all about working together toward the same goals.

How can the outsourcing industry effectively harness AI, IoT, and edge computing with cloud computing to deliver advanced solutions that optimize client operations and boost competitiveness?

Combining AI, IoT, and edge computing provides a significant boost for outsourcing companies, enhancing their capabilities to analyze data, monitor devices, and process information swiftly. It's akin to possessing a high-tech toolbox that continually evolves to meet the client's needs, thus rendering their operations more efficient and competitive.

Hence, choosing technologically advanced locations like the Philippines for hiring can also be advantageous. Most candidates, including fresh graduates here in the Philippines, are tech-savvy, enabling them to keep pace with the latest technology and effectively leverage AI.

Furthermore, companies utilize technology to address skill gaps, overcome language barriers, and harness the advantages of outsourcing to tech-savvy countries. For example, one of our clients employs software that alters phone voices, enabling RCSR to sound like native English speakers, thereby enhancing customer communication.

What criteria does the management of businesses utilize in choosing between outsourcing projects with the goal of improving customer experience but at the same time controlling the risks that come with market uncertainty?

In today's fast-paced business world, the ability to adjust on the fly is incredibly important. Businesses require outsourcing partners who can swiftly switch gears, whether it's scaling up for busy seasons, adapting to market shifts, or managing unexpected changes. Flexible outsourcing setups enable businesses to adapt quickly, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to budgets regardless of the circumstances.Equally critical is partnering with a reliable outsourcing provider boasting a proven track record, expertise, and a reputation for delivering top-notch services that elevate the customer experience.

What message would you like to share with fellow business leaders?

Essentially, outsourcing remains largely untapped in the US. Despite being a significant market, the US has yet to fully explore outsourcing services. Thus, this platform presents an excellent opportunity for outsourcing providers like EC Outsource to enter these markets, leveraging my experience, expertise, and overall knowledge of outsourcing.