ICT Division & Genex Join to Uplift Women in Technology

By: GWL Team | Monday, 30 October 2023

The ICT Division has sealed a momentous partnership with Genex Infosys Ltd for the groundbreaking "Her Power Project." This project, focused on empowering women through technological skill development, marks a significant step towards inclusivity and advancement in the realm of technology.

The "Her Power Project" is set to impart technology training nationwide, with a particular focus on the Chattogram and Sylhet divisions. Genex Infosys Ltd, in collaboration with Hello World Communication and Times ASL Call Centre Ltd, is geared to facilitate this training initiative, which seeks to equip women with valuable skills in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Raihana Islam, the director of the "Her Power Project," and Shahjalal Uddin, CEO of Genex Infosys Ltd, finalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a far-reaching goal: to train 25,125 women across four distinct ICT skill categories. The intention behind this extensive training program is not only to provide technical knowledge but also to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among women in the field of technology.

The project's core emphasis lies not only on immediate training but also on creating post-training programs that further cultivate the professional and entrepreneurial acumen of women. Raihana Islam highlighted these measures, emphasising the project's commitment to not just initial education but sustained professional development opportunities.

Shahjalal Uddin, CEO of Genex Infosys Ltd, expressed his ardent belief in the pivotal nature of this collaboration for women's empowerment. He underlined the significance of keeping women ahead in the workplace, foreseeing their crucial contribution to a technologically advanced Bangladesh in the near future.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the collective determination to break down barriers and empower women in the technology sector. With a focus on skill development, entrepreneurship, and ongoing professional growth, the "Her Power Project" heralds a new era in which women's participation in technology is not just encouraged but actively supported, fostering a more diverse and robust tech industry.