The Right Digital Marketing Strategy Can Be An Elixir For Brands & Businesses

By: Rachita Sharma, Managing Editor | Thursday, 31 August 2023

Undoubtedly digital marketing is the biggest and most impactful trend in the contemporary marketing arena. Over the past few years there has been a significant digital shift happening amongst consumers and end-users. This change has been brought about by rise in awareness and exponential growth in usage of digital platforms and channels. Any naysayers were proven wrong during the COVID-19 era. We also see a massive shift in consumer behaviour today. People are no longer loyal to one brand for ages, instead they do their due diligence online before making a purchase.

Brands have today also gained the ease of communicating with consumers virtually. Be it watching a product video or visiting an experience store enabled by VR/AR, bringing a brand live in front of consumers has become easier. The game-changer however has been Artificial Intelligence. As AI is being integrated into digital marketing experts expect to witness a sharp rise in the technology's usage and outcome in the near future.  One of the world's strongest economy, Singapore has also been experiencing an exponential rise in digital marketing. Home to not only local brands, Singapore is a thriving market for international brands too, all trying to win a piece of the market pie. T

he country saw an increase in digital ad spend to reach $1.13 billion in 2022.A country of 5.92 million, the internet penetration in the country is pretty high at 92 percent. 89.5 percent of all Singaporeans are also active social media users in 2022. As much as 2/3rd of the country's population uses one or the other social media platform to gain information about brands and products. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instargram, TikTok etc receive a lion's share of the advertising marketing budget in Singapore.

These platforms do not only connect brands with consumers but also act as the perfect vehicle to redirect audience to the ideal brand landing website page and boost conversions.The key however is to understand the market, consumer psyche and technology well to be able to make good business decisions as marketers. Being data driven is another requirement for creating a strong marketing strategy in today's times. Who better than adept CMOs to lead these practices and strategies. We recognize the crucial role played by CMOs in today's times and thus have catered the current edition of the magazine to highlight the same. Read on to know more about what makes marketing leaders tick in Singapore.

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