5 Woman-Owned Brands Furthering Menstrual Health Equity in Africa

By: GWL Team | Friday, 26 April 2024

Considering the existing challenges of women’s menstrual health needs, these 5 African Brands has been producing products like sanitary pads along with providing menstrual health education to women and girls in the country. These brands are voyaging on a journey towards empowering African Women.

With the on-going changes all over the world, women are becoming further aware about their health issues and challenges. Over the centuries, women have been dealing with menstruation gracefully but we cannot deny the fact that challenges persist even today.

Despite the invention of numerous period-friendly products globally, there are some under-privileged people with low-income, who are still facing major health hazards due to lack of awareness about menstruation challenges.

According to BBC, African women are encountering problem with ‘period poverty’ across the country in the year 2023. Likewise, there are hundreds of African women and girls who feel ashamed while talking about their menstrual health even if they need assistance. In order to make the world a female-inclusive place, one factor that need our full attention is Menstrual and Sexual Education to each and every female.

Global Woman Leader has brought to you 5 African Brands that took the initiative to consider menstrual problems and are providing products that can help women/girls in their journey to womanhood.

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