5 Woman-Owned Brands Furthering Menstrual Health Equity in Africa

By: GWL Team | Friday, 26 April 2024

Lindiwe Sanitary Pads

Lindiwe Nkuna-Kgopa

Lindiwe Nkuna-Kgopa

Lindiwe Sanitary Pads was founded by Lindiwe Nkuna-Kgopa in the year 2018 that caters in the Manufacturing industry. The firm was established with an idea to offer top-grade sanitary pads to lower-income and middle-class women in Africa. Headquartered in Gauteng, the organisation specialises in Manufacturing, Business development advisory, in addition to training. The firm has provided sanitary pads to 10, 000 girls for an entire year in the year 2022 via African Government’s programme entitled ‘combatting period poverty’. The firm shall soon be South Africa’s second-largest sanitary pads manufacturing machine business that has the capacity of 850 units per minute production.