Bristol Entrepreneurs Build New Menstrual Health Venture

By: GWL Team | Wednesday, 7 February 2024

Bristol-based entrepreneurs Hazel Hayden and Fran Lucraft have teamed up to develop a new venture focused at eliminating the stigma around periods and menopause.

The alliance, which was announced on Thursday, February 1, aims to transform the professional environment by incorporating menstrual health and menopausal support into organizational structures. This program is in reaction to disturbing figures suggesting that 23 percent of women in the UK have considered leaving their employment due to menstruation stress and menopause-related concerns, according to Simply Health.

Hazel Hayden, the founder of Independent Health and Wellbeing Group (IHWG), brings vast experience in women's healthcare and menopausal management to the table. Her counterpart, Fran Lucraft, who is well-known for her ethical and ecological period products under the Grace & Green label, offers another dimension to the cooperation.

Hayden underscored the common aim, saying, "Our goal is to cultivate a workplace culture where women's health is not only understood but actively supported." She expressed hope for altering the narrative around women's health and creating inclusive workplaces where everyone can thrive without fear or shame.

Grace & Green's mission to provide 100% organic and sustainable period products is ideally aligned with the initiative's aims. Lucraft stressed the necessity of having access to safe and dignified menstruation products, saying, "No one should have to compromise their health or dignity in the workplace."

The initiative's goal is to distribute free period supplies at workplaces, promote inclusion, and spark talks to break down cultural taboos around menstruation. Lucraft continued, "This alliance is a huge step toward breaking down barriers for menstruating employees in the workplace. The question isn't why form this cooperation, but why isn't everyone doing it.

Hayden and Lucraft's partnership is a watershed moment in emphasizing women's health in the workplace, establishing a precedent for inclusive approaches benefiting all employees.