Madonna to Beyonce: Top 5 Best-Selling Female Music Artists of All Time

By: GWL Team | Friday, 29 March 2024

Female music artists have been ruling the global charts and building a large & loyal fan-base across the globe. From Madonna’s iconic musical career, to Rihanna’s powerful voice and Beyonce’s immense fandom, we bring to you the story of queens of music charts and the secret to their stardom & success.  

The global music industry is brimming with exceptionally talented artists with their work of art performances. Amongst all the artists, female artists are shaking the industry with the power of their voices and performance. Their talent is not only out of the ordinary but is also unaccustomed to old standardized singing.

The past few decades have seen the emergence of immensely artistic female music artists who released some of the archetypal creations of all time. Be it Taylor Swift’s gradual rise as the music queen globally, or Mariah Carey’s magnetic pull as an artist, women artists such as these have broken record with clocking high numbers of singles and albums.  

With the transforming-oriented era, female artists did and doing their best to adapt the new-age music trends. From winning awards to breaking records, these women artists with smashing hits have made successful careers in the music world.

The Global Woman Leader brings to you some of the top selling female music artists with their most popular masterpieces of all time.

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