Women Entertainers Shone & Won Big at SAG Awards 2024

By: GWL Team | Friday, 1 March 2024

SAG Awards 2024 witnessed the best work of art performances by Hollywood queens with some of the most deserving names winning and proving their mettle to the world. The entertainment sphere of Hollywood created iconic roles for women characters that won one of the massive awards of film and television industry.

The world of entertainment has changed quite a lot in the past few decades. With the arrival of new actors, technology and content sensibilities, the experience of watching a film has become overly satisfying. Nowadays, entertainment has become a part of our lives. From dialogue delivery to music, sound effects to VFX, every single aspect has become advanced.

In the entertainment realm, actors always dream of receiving prestigious award and recognitions. Their performance and their hard-work pays off when they are recognized by a coveted platform and the SAG awards are one such name.

The SAG awards have been making strides on the Internet lately as the 30th SAG Awards took place on February 24, 2024, at Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in Los Angeles. In Hollywood Film Industry, SAG Awards have been one of the most desired awards, equivalent to the Oscars and Golden Globes.

Like every sector, even the entertainment industry is incomplete without women’s contribution. Women directors, women cinematographers, women writer and actresses, the list goes on and on, have made plenty of work of arts. Women have shown their versatility and talent to the world through their films and shows. Some such names were recognized at this year’s SAG awards.

This year Lily Gladstone has made history by becoming the first Native American woman to win in the category of ‘best female actor in a leading role’ in 2024 SAG Awards. Much like Lily several other female artists have made their mark in the world of entertainment year and were rightly recognized for their contributions.  

Enlightenment of SAG’s Origin 

Enlightenment of SAG’s Origin

SAG Awards officially termed as Screen Actors Guild Awards was founded nearly 3 decades ago, in the year 1995. This opulent event brings together all the industry people to celebrate each other’s recognitions for their performance. Here, only the outstanding performances win and take the trophy home.

SAG awards are not only given to the film actors but to television artists too. All the awards are given by Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists which is also known as SAG-AFTRA. This particular federation is an American labour Union in addition to being a member of FIA i.e., International Federation of Actors. SAG-AFTRA was formed in the year 2012 when SAG and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists merged together.

Over the years, many artists like Maryl Streep, Sofia Vergara, Emma stone etc have won the award. Women have marked their space in the film industry in such a way that nobody can ever steal it.

Evolution of SAG: From TNT to Netflix

Evolution of SAG: From TNT to Netflix

When the event was established, Turner Network Television (TNT), used to telecast the show. TNT which is an American television channel, owned by Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) Networks, broadcasted the award event from the year 1998 till 2022. There was another channel called TBS i.e., Turner Broadcasting System, which broadcasted SAG Awards simultaneously from 2007 till 2022. Both the channels were owned by WBD.

By broadcasting SAG Awards on TV, TNT and TBS have put a great impact on viewers’s lives who enjoyed watching the fanfare. The local people used to enjoy their favourite stars achievements and it was an escape from their regular life as well. After 2022, both the channels stop airing the show.

2023 came with an announcement of Netflix taking the charge of airing the event live. But, because Netflix didn’t have the LIVE feature in its old version, the airing shall start from 2024. 2023 SAG Awards were broadcasted LIVE on Netflix’s YouTube channel.

SAG Awards 2024 with Women Vanquisher

Our society is turning to be a more gender inclusive and diverse place but challenges still persist. Despite all the roadblocks, women are rising with full pace and making victories with their resilience and efforts. Women in the entertainment industry are showcasing their glamour, elegance and most importantly, their talent. With all the efforts, women are doing their best on Television and Big screen as well.

SAG Awards 2024 with Women Vanquisher

This year SAG awards have got some of the best work of art nominations from the female categories. While Lily gladstone became the winner in ‘Female Actor in a Leading Role’ category, Annette Bening for ‘Nyad’, Carey Mulligan for ‘Maestro’, Margot Robbie for ‘Barbie’ and Emma Stone for ‘Poor Things’ were amongst the nominees. Each of their performances in their respective films can be considered as unique in their own way. Lily won the award for her role in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’.

Apart from Lily, rest of the female winners include Elizabeth Debicki for ‘The Crown’ in the Best Female Actor in a Drama Series category, Da’vine Joy Randolph for ‘The Holdovers’ in Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role category, Ayo Edebiri for ‘The Bear’ in Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series category and lastly, Ali Wong for ‘Beef’ in Best Female Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series category. All these women, with their incredible performances, won hearts of millions of people.

These accomplishments of women in the entertainment realm are loudly speaking of their talent and their bewildered performance as actors. They are proving why they deserve a seat in Hollywood’s flight to Iconhood.

Congratulations to all the winner from Global Woman Leader Team!!