Kano State GOV. Abba Yusuf launches Empowerment scheme of N250 million

By: GWL Team | Wednesday, 15 May 2024

An empowerment scheme of N250 million has been launched by Kano State’s GOV. Abba Yusuf for 5,200 women entrepreneurs within the state.

The government is planning to pay out N50,000 to each of the beneficiaries amongst the 44 Local Government Areas (LGAs), according to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). The entire focus of the monthly grant is to assist small-scale businesses as well as uplifting women’s economic status while keeping in mind about the significant burden they carry in their families. Community Re-orientation Committee (CRC) coordinated programme has set a target of 100 women from each of the 36 rural LGAs in addition to 200 women from the 8 metropolitan LGAs.

 Honourable GOV. Abba, while giving his speech during the of the scheme in Kano on May 14, 2024 outlined the initiative as a payback to women because of their support towards him in the 2023 elections. In addition, he said that this scheme is the fulfilment of the promise that he did to all the women to make them self-reliant while also assisting their health and entire wellbeing. He added that the grant is intended to solely fund awara, gireba, koko da kosai, local juices and kuli-kuli that comes under small-scale businesses.