5 Must-Watch TED Talks by Women for Women in Leadership

By: GWL Team | Saturday, 30 March 2024

Women talk about women in order to advance leadership while carrying different perspectives towards progress. Global Woman Leader brings to you another 5 TED Talks by women speakers to inspire and encourage.

Women’s leadership has now become a hot topic for the entire world. Although women are outnumbered by their male counterparts in leadership roles, yet women in decision-making roles are gradually increasing.  Women’s participation in the positions of authority is indicative of a paradigm shift.

Despite having responsibilities of the family, women are still excelling in heading at top leadership roles while challenging hidebound norms in all spheres, whether its governance or administration.

However, this rise in women leaders has been gradual. The reason behind the slow progress is the complex nature of gender-based challenges in the corporate sphere. From their tone of voice, to personal choices, women leaders are harshly judged for a lot of things that would have been trivial for a male leader.

Navigating these complexities is not easy. But when other successful women leaders come out to voice their thoughts and advice of approaching leadership roles, young women must listen. Women in leadership positions are speaking forth to inspire and motivate other women in need of guidance and advice. They talk about their experiences along with their analysis of how to tackle leadership challenges in today’s business climate.

While showcasing their perspectives and viewpoints, these noteworthy women spoke about women leaders in informative TED Talk Sessions.

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