5 Must-Watch TED Talks by Women for Women in Leadership

By: GWL Team | Saturday, 30 March 2024

The likability dilemma for women leaders

By: Robin Hauser

The likability dilemma for women leaders

A documentary films director, Robin Hauser speaks in a TED talk session, sharing her experience for having faced modern sexism while inspiring women leaders across the world. Robin’s specialisation into implicit gender along with racial bias in the artificial intelligence positions her as an ideal speaker. During her session, she disclosed about the various challenges she had to go through in terms of societal perceptions.

Robin speaks about the unfair treatments that women get in their path to leadership. She emphasises on effective leadership of women above likability. Her entire focus was to stimulate women towards considering functionality as a leader and not contemplate about being liked. She urges women to challenge stereotypes and become good leaders.

“Little nuances that might seem like no big deal to some, but their impact can have the effect of a thousand cuts”