7 Young American Women Entrepreneurs Acing Business & Defying Age

By: GWL Team | Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Young women entrepreneurs in the United States are altering corporate conventions via innovation and risk-taking. From beauty to influencer marketing, they contribute to economic progress and cultural transformation while proving that age is just a number.

Experience is often touted as a critical component for acing the world of business. But, a new generation of enterprising women are redefining business success in America.

They are young; they bring fresh perspectives, cutting-edge ideas, and a tireless desire for innovation. These women entrepreneurs are bucking conventional rules, harnessing technology, and embracing the spirit of risk-taking. Young entrepreneurs in the United States are making an unmistakable mark on the nation's economic landscape.

GWL team dives into the remarkable stories of these young trailblazers, looking at the obstacles they overcame, the lessons they learnt, and the transformational influence they had on diverse sectors.

Join us as we explore the stories of the ambitious, and imaginative young minds who are reshaping the American dream & proving that ‘age is just a number’.

Ava McDonald (21)

Industry: Influencer Marketing

Ava McDonald is a force to be reckoned with at an early age. She founded Zfluence while still in high school and is now preparing to attend Georgetown University. Zfluence focuses on true brand enthusiasm among Generation Z influencers, connecting them with businesses they truly adore.

Ava's creative strategy is transforming the $10 billion Instagram advertising ecosystem, with 550 Zfluencers partnering with 40 brands and a growing presence on 85 campuses. Her devotion to honesty and inspiring the next generation exemplifies her adherence to ethical business methods.

Asia Newson (19)

Industry: Retail

Asia Newson founded Super Business Girl when she was five years old, first selling candles. She now creates her own goods and has educated 40 young entrepreneurs in Detroit at the age of 13.

Asia's meeting with Quicken Loans CEO Dan Gilbert sent her into the limelight as Detroit's "Super Business Girl." Her ambition is exemplified by her desire to create a candle business in every state in the United States. Asia's dedication to enabling others via business is altering communities and instilling hope in young minds.

Gabrielle Jordan (23)

Industry: Jewellery & Mentoring

Gabrielle Jordan, a versatile businesswoman, founded her luxury jewellery company, Jewelz of Jordan, when she was nine years old. Gabrielle, a trained CAD/CAM Jewellery Designer, co-founded the ExCEL adolescents Mentoring Institute, which provides mentorship and educational tools to adolescents interested in business and leadership.

Gabrielle's broad experiences as a popular author, speaker, and champion for alternative education make her a role model for ambitious young entrepreneurs.

Isabella Barrett (17)

Industry: Jewellery & Clothing

Isabella Barrett, a juvenile entrepreneur extraordinaire, founded her first firm, Glitzy Girl, when she was nine years old. Isabella's entrepreneurial experience continued with House of Barretti, a firm that expanded into couture suits, hair care products, and cosmetics.

Isabella's commitment to assisting other teenagers in their success is reflected in her next book, "Business With Bella." Her tenacity and dedication to being a 'Girlboss' demonstrate the future generation's potential for success in a variety of fields.

Maya Penn (23)

Industry: Fashion

Maya Penn, CEO of Maya's Ideas, founded her eco-friendly apparel firm in Atlanta when she was eight years old. Maya is a TED speaker, animator, and artist who is passionate about sustainability.

She formed Maya's Ideas 4 The Planet, a charity that supports environmental concerns, in addition to her economic success. Maya's inclusion on Oprah's SuperSoul 100 list, as well as her support for a more sustainable future, establishes her as a forerunner in ethical enterprise.

Mikaila Ulmer (19)

Industry: Beverage

Mikaila Ulmer, who was born in 2004, began her lemonade company “Me & the Bees Lemonade at the age of five, inspired by her great-grandmother's recipe. Not only did Mikaila's lemonade become a smash, but she also added a social reason, contributing 10% of earnings to bee-saving groups.

At the age of 11, she appeared on Shark Tank and received a $60,000 investment from Daymond John. In 2020, Me & the Bees Lemonade is sold at over 1,500 retailers around the country. Mikaila's dedication to both corporate success and environmental protection distinguishes her as an exceptional young businesswoman.

Zandra Cunningham (21)

Industry: Beauty

Zandra Cunningham, the brains of Zandra Beauty, began her entrepreneurial path when she was nine years old. Zandra founded her company with the goal of empowering young girls via plant-based, vegan, and organic cosmetic products.

Entrepreneur magazine named Zandra one of the youngest billionaires, emphasizing the significance of recognizing market demands, remaining real, and creating great customer connections. Her next initiative involves diversifying into advanced skincare and maybe entering the CBD industry, demonstrating that her ambitions are as diverse as her product line.

These young women entrepreneurs have showcased tremendous talent and leadership skills at a very young age. Speaking about success mantras that worked in her favour, experienced entrepreneur Lyzadie Renault, Creative Director & Founder of LYZADIE DESIGN STUDIO says, “My mantras are, the better world starts with me, and Consider being the type of energy that adds value and beauty to the people you meet and places you visit”.

Young women entrepreneurs must draw wisdom from the journey of successful women leaders such as Lyzadie and others. Afterall, there are still miles to go before we achieve complete gender parity in the business world.