These 10 Women Ruled Forbes' Asian Power Businesswomen 2023

By: GWL Team | Friday, 10 November 2023

Asian women in business are breaking gender barriers and playing key roles in diverse industries, positively impacting the regional economy. Forbes' "Asia's Power Businesswomen" list mentions them and their achievements & contributions.

Asian women in business are making major gains, flouting down conventional gender boundaries and playing crucial positions in a variety of industries. As the region's economy continues to expand and globalize, more chances for female entrepreneurs and executives emerge. They are at the forefront of industries ranging from technology and finance to healthcare and manufacturing.

Despite the hurdles, these dedicated women are demonstrating their talents, stimulating innovation, and supporting diversity and inclusiveness in the business sector, therefore positively impacting the region's economy and society.

Forbes annual list of the "Asia’s Power Businesswomen" honours the remarkable female executives who shape Asia's economic environment. These powerful women have broken down barriers, grasped chances, and made their mark across the continent in a variety of fields.

Here, we commemorate their incredible accomplishments by emphasizing their unique stories and talents, as well as the enormous effect they have on their respective industries. From technology to real estate, medicines to banking, these amazing women are setting the pace and inspiring future generations.

1. Alice Chang- Taiwan

Alice Chang is the creative creator and CEO of Perfect Corp., a beauty technology firm located in Taipei. Her adventure began in the late 1990s, when she left her finance career to co-found Cyberlink with her husband, Jau Huang, attaining annual sales of up to $150 million.

She launched Perfect Corp. in 2014, which has developed from photo-editing software to AI and augmented reality applications. Perfect Corp.'s technology is now used by over 600 worldwide firms to allow shoppers to digitally try on cosmetics and other items. Alice's concept of fusing technology and beauty has resulted in substantial growth, as seen by the company's recent Nasdaq offering.

2. Carolyn Choo- Singapore

Carolyn Choo's extraordinary adventure began when she quit a banking position to work for her father's Hotel 81 company. Under her direction, the company grew to become Worldwide Hotels, with 38 hotels in Singapore and 11 abroad properties.

Carolyn is devoted to strategically developing the company's worldwide presence, with a concentration on mid-tier hotels. Worldwide Hotels invests for the long term, which contributes to the company's exceptional development and impact in the hospitality business.

3. Junita Ciputra- Indonesia

Junita Ciputra is a well-known person in the Indonesian real estate development sector. She is an important member of the Ciputra Group, focusing on residential and commercial buildings, malls, and hotels in the greater Jakarta area.

Junita's participation in the Ciputra family foundations, which emphasize education and entrepreneurship, is in line with her father's ambition of generating millions of Indonesian entrepreneurs. Her leadership and educational endeavors make her a formidable commercial force.

4. Trudy Dai- China

Trudy Dai, an early member of the Alibaba Group, currently oversees the Taobao and Tmall ecommerce platforms. She concentrated on promoting value-for-money items during Alibaba's reorganization, effectively drawing customers and merchants amid fierce competition.

Her methods, such as offering lower-priced goods and charging fewer merchant fees, resulted in tremendous revenue increase. The continuous emphasis on value-for-money items on Taobao and Tmall demonstrates Trudy's dedication to consumer happiness and growth.

5. Mahima Datla- India

Biological E, an Indian pharmaceutical and vaccine firm, is led by Mahima Datla. Her leadership is reflected in the company's significant efforts during the pandemic, notably the manufacture of the Covid-19 vaccine Corbevax.

Biological E sells to over 130 countries and consistently innovates in vaccine research, producing over 2 million vaccine doses every day. Mahima's ambition for development and expansion, along with her dedication to healthcare, positions her as a formidable player in the pharmaceutical sector.

6. Anna Ma. Margarita B. Dy- Philippines

Anna Ma. Margarita B. Dy is the Philippines' second-largest property developer's first female CEO. Her administration is distinguished by the acceleration of residential developments to accommodate the rising demand for housing.

Anna’s strategic vision and dedication to producing exceptional developments are reflected in Ayala Land's remarkable profit growth, notably in the residential sector. Her achievements show that she is a significant influencer in the Philippine real estate business.

7. Stephanie Hui- Hong Kong

Stephanie Hui's journey at Goldman Sachs began in 1995. After earning her MBA at Harvard, she returned in 2000.

Her notable achievements include acquiring a 7% stake in ICBC in 2006, leading a $36 million investment in South Korea's Woowa Brothers, which later sold for $4 billion to Delivery Hero, and spearheading a $50 million Series C round for Perfect Corp, a beauty-tech startup founded by Alice Chang.

Stephanie Hui's story exemplifies the influence of determined female leadership in finance, inspiring women in the field and beyond.

8. M.R. Jyothy- India

M.R. Jyothy assumed leadership at Jyothy Labs in April 2020, a Mumbai-based consumer goods company known for its flagship brand, Ujala, which dominates the fabric-whitener market. The company achieved impressive growth with a 13% rise in revenue to 25 billion rupees ($300 million) and a 51% increase in net profit to 2.4 billion rupees for the year ending March 31.

Jyothy's vision is to expand the company's presence across various product categories, emphasizing growth in fabric care, dishwashing, personal care, and insecticides. Her journey underscores the influence of determined female leadership in the consumer goods sector, inspiring women in the industry and beyond.

9. Lee Young-hee- South Korea

Lee Young-hee's historic appointment as president of Samsung Electronics demonstrates her tremendous power within the tech behemoth. She was instrumental in establishing Samsung Electronics as the leading vendor of smartphones through creative marketing methods.

Lee's accomplishment not only makes her the company's first female president, but it also emphasizes the necessity of marketers in retaining client interest in a highly competitive field.

10. Julia Leung- Hong Kong

The selection of Julia Leung as the first woman and first Hongkonger to chair the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong is critical. She accepts the task of regulating Hong Kong's securities and futures markets, especially in the rapidly growing digital asset industry.

Her job is critical as Hong Kong combats the city's greatest crypto crime. Julia's leadership and devotion are critical as Hong Kong strives to become a leading digital asset hub, highlighting the need of women in finance assuming more key responsibilities.