The Week That Was: Global Women Empowerment News Overview

By: GWL Team | Sunday, 7 July 2024

Women leaders are growing day by day, showcasing their talent and potential towards leadership. Their participation is somehow aiding the global economy due to the managerial skills they possess. Counting on women, corporate world is also getting utmost benefit from their contribution in senior leadership roles. Politics, business, civil services and armed forces, women are everywhere and tackling all the challenges while making an impact on the world. These women are serving as beacon of inspiration for all the other women out in the world who are not getting the chance to get out of their homes.

Global Woman Leader has covered all the big news that are related to these great women leaders who have taken new positions, have been awarded for their good work, became captains and what not.

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Natalie Strange is the New Co-Chair of UK Women in Telecoms Group

Telecom firm RPS Telecom in South Wales, has announced the appointment of Natalie Strange General Manager as the Co-Chair of ‘Women in Telecom’ group of Comms Council UK. Natalie will focus on aligning the group with its core vision and values in her new role.

Ayana Parsons resigns from Fearless Fund amidst Lawsuit

Ayana Parsons has stepped down from Fearless Fund which she co-founded in the year 2019. Since the Atlanta-based venture capital firm faces encounters a lawsuit, Ayana has given up on her position as the general partner and chief operating officer.

Abu Dhabi Police appoints Captain Hagar Rashid Al Naeemi

Abu Dhabi Police has taken a step forward by appointing a digital crime analyst, Captain Hagar Rashid Al Naeemi as the first female Emirati police officer to work. She will be taking up the position of liaison officer at the Innovation Centre of Interpol.

Sarah Geronimo 1st Filipina to receive Global Force Award by Billboard

Sarah Geronimo, who’s a singer and an actress, has accepted Global Force award at the Billboard Women in Music event and secured her place as the 1st Filipina to attain such reputation. The event took place California’s Los Angeles at the YouTube Theater.

Liberal Party pledges support to Female Traders

The Liberal Party (PL) has decided to advocate for increased assistance in finance for women small-scale and cross-border traders, only if they get elected to Parliament in the July 2024 elections. In order to enhance their contribution to family and national development, PL has made this commitment.

GROW Project Needs More Attention: Uganda Parliament Urges

During a meeting between Chairman Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi-led PAC members and Henry Musasizi, State Minister of Finance and Esther Anyakun, Minister of Gender-led Ministry of Gender and Private Sector Foundation Uganda officials, GROW Project which is a government initiative, has been called for review by Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The project is aimed at assisting women entrepreneurs.