GROW Project Needs More Attention: Uganda Parliament Urges

By: GWL Team | Friday, 5 July 2024

During a meeting between Chairman Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi-led PAC members and Henry Musasizi, State Minister of Finance and Esther Anyakun, Minister of Gender-led Ministry of Gender and Private Sector Foundation Uganda officials, GROW Project which is a government initiative, has been called for review by Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The project is aimed at assisting women entrepreneurs.

According to Chairman Muhammad Muwanga, the intent of the project is good but implementation has been ineffective in terms of achieving goals. He recommended the ministry to entitle the MPs about the project’s information and grant them to reach out female entrepreneurs, encouraging them for business registration and take the project benefit.

In addition, Legislator Sarah Opendi said, “Empower MPs with information on the Grow project so that we reach out to the women entrepreneurs to register their businesses to benefit.” She also suggested that the ministry should look out for women who are already in business.

Suzan Amero questioned, “Why is the Ministry of Gender not utilizing Uganda Registration Service Bureau? They cover the entire country and can register these businesses.”

Furthermore, Minister Henry stated, “We will engage with World Bank to present the concerns of MPs and make adjustments to the project to get the output.”