SheTrades & UPS Boost Women's Digital Empowerment

By: GWL Team | Friday, 5 January 2024

The International Trade Centre's SheTrades Initiative and The UPS Foundation announced the extension of their cooperation in a joint release, with the goal of empowering women entrepreneurs and young women in the digital economy. The reinforced collaboration, which is funded by a three-year multi-year grant, demonstrates the commitment to creating economic empowerment and digital leadership for women.

The "SheTrades and UPS Women Exporters Programme" has been actively trying to close the economic gap for women entrepreneurs since its launch in 2019. The initiative has offered specialized technical help, enabled market and investor linkages, and encouraged public-private partnership to boost women-led firms. The combination of worldwide outreach and targeted initiatives in important nations has generated significant achievements.

As the initiative moves into its second phase (2024-2027), it will take a more digital approach, focusing on women entrepreneurs in Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa. The emphasis will be on increasing access to necessary digital tools, developing digital skills, and developing young women as future leaders in STEM and other male-dominated sectors.

The UPS Foundation has committed $1 million to the initiative, which aims to bridge the gender-digital divide by giving women entrepreneurs with the skills and tools they need to survive in an increasingly digital business world. The campaign also aims to increase institutional support, improve women's digital literacy, and develop collaboration with market and financial institutions.

The UPS Foundation's President, Nikki Clifton, expressed delight in the collaboration, underlining the company's commitment to supporting women in the digital economy. The International Trade Centre's Executive Director, Pamela Coke-Hamilton, emphasized the collaboration's effect in providing women entrepreneurs with practical skills for global trade success. The program's ultimate goal is to encourage inclusive growth and job creation in the targeted areas.