Tradepoint Empowers Minority, Veteran & Women-Owned Small Businesses

By: GWL Team | Friday, 5 January 2024

Tradepoint Atlantic, a 3,300-acre global logistics facility, welcomed the graduation of 12 small companies from its inaugural Empowerment Academy in a historic occasion. The school, a partnership between Tradepoint Atlantic and community development firm Mayson-Dixon, aims to empower minority, veteran, and women-owned small businesses via a thorough two-month training program.

A room was packed with ambitious entrepreneurs who had worked hard to hone their talents in human resources management, accounting, marketing, and company finance. Governor Wes Moore congratulated the graduates, highlighting their dedication to hard work and preference for difficulties over ease.

Keith Brown, senior VP of Kim Engineering, emphasized the importance of the academy's chances, saying, "Not just small opportunities, but larger opportunities that we wouldn't otherwise have the chance to pursue." The academy had a significant influence because it leveled the playing field, allowing smaller enterprises to compete more successfully against larger corporations.

Leslie Rashid, co-owner of D&L Cleanup and a program alumnus, recounted her experience, recognizing the difficulties that small businesses confront while competing with industry titans. Kerry Doyle, managing director of Tradepoint Atlantic, underlined the company's commitment to investing in the local economy, highlighting a vested interest in the long-term success of its partners.

Brown confirmed the Empowerment Academy's achievements, saying, "It's actually opened doors for us to actually work here at Tradepoint at the site." The empowered small enterprises are positioned for limitless prospects with their enhanced knowledge and contacts. Tradepoint Atlantic intends to continue the Empowerment Academy next year, with applications open in the spring, demonstrating their commitment to building long-term economic success in the community.