Nelly Agbogu's DSI Program Empowers 300 Women Professionals

By: GWL Team | Monday, 10 June 2024

300 women have successfully finished the Dominate Sales and Influence (DSI) program by Nelly Agbogu. These graduating women belong to a plethora of industries. They have received training to improve their business acumen, boost their visibility, and significantly increase their sales.

Popularly known as NaijaBrandChick, Nelly Agbogu is an online business influencer focused on empowering business owners. The DSI program aims to empower entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive support and strategies to succeed in competitive business world. The program’s previous instalments have seen graduates succeed and make remarkable achievements in their respective fields.

Some of the previous participants of the DSI program include Salma Muhambad Buba, owner of Shopdearsalmah, Hauwa’u Adam Abdullahi of and Cynthia Mbakwe of The Affordable Gift Shop.

Similarly, several women have been trained by the DSI program and have gone on to achieve laurels in varied sectors such as education, fashion, agriculture and healthcare.

The DSI program does not only foster individual success but enables the creation of a robust community of women entrepreneurs who support and uplift one another.

Nelly Agbogu is committed to empowering women in business. Her passion is the driving factor behind the DSI program’s success along with the practical tools & knowledge that is provided to participants. “Seeing these women thrive and achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding,” says Nelly. “The DSI program is not just about sales; it’s about building a lasting impact and fostering a community of resilient, successful businesswomen,” she adds.