Lawsuit accuses Apple of Underpaying Female Employees

By: GWL Team | Friday, 14 June 2024

On June 13, 2024, Apple has been accused by Class-action lawsuit for having pay disparity in its employees, indicating that over 12,000 women employees in California gets paid less than men with comparable jobs, as per plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Founded in 1976 as Apple Computer Company (Now Apple) is one of the biggest tech giants across the world. Being an American multinational corporation, it carries numerous responsibilities towards the global economy.

According to the lawyer’s release, 2 women filed a lawsuit in the state court in San Francisco claiming that the firm systematically underpays women workers in certain departments like engineering, marketing, and AppleCare divisions. The release states that the organisation initially pays these women based, either on their ‘pay expectations’ or on their salaries at previous jobs. In addition, the lawyers claim that Apple’s performance evaluation system has been designed against women. This system is used to set raises and bonuses.

This accusation appears to be a great concern since the firm is a great influence in the corporate world for being a big player in the tech market. This inequity can affect various thoughts process and can supress female worker’s potential making them feel out of action.