Women in Bangladesh's Banking Possess Highest Career Aspirations finds Report

By: GWL Team | Friday, 14 June 2024

A new report by International Finance Corporation (IFC) has come up with new facts that says women in banking sector of Bangladesh possess the highest career aspirations amongst the emerging South Asian economies. It shows 89% of them aspiring towards progress to senior roles in comparison to Nepal’s 79% and Sri Lanka’s 70%.

The report, which is based on research across the country’s 7 commercial banks, unveils that the difference in career aspirations between men and women i.e., ambition gap, amongst other countries, Bangladesh has least in counting. This shows equal ambition of men and women aspiring for senior roles among Bangladeshi bankers.

Regional Director for South Asia of IFC, Imad N Fakhoury said, “Investing in women is key to unlocking the full spectrum of Bangladesh’s talent and catalysing sustainable growth—crucial drivers for Bangladesh’s economic expansion. In the banking world, where numbers often reign supreme, invisible barriers still limit the ascent of many skilled women. By collaboratively redefining policies, processes, and cultural norms, we can build a more inclusive banking sector those benefits from the might of its entire workforce.”

Additionally, the report reveals that women in Bangladesh represent 18% of the overall workforce along with 19% at the entry-level, indicating for an expansion of the talent pipeline as well as assistance of progression to leadership.