Inleap Photonics wins Female StartAperitivo competition

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Inleap Photonics has secured the place of winners at the nationwide Female StartAperitivo competition which was organized by Hamburg Investors Network. Founded in 2019, the firm caters in the Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals industry with nearly 10 employees and 8 associated members.

Inleap Photonics is a startup that was established in the year 2023 with headquarters in Hannover, Lower Saxony with specialities in Laser Technology, Laser Beam Steering Systems, and Ultra High Speed. It serves in the Machinery Manufacturing industry having 2-10 employees and 4 associated members. The startup secured their place, showcasing a laser technology that helps in significantly speeding up manufacturing processes.

Besides, the second position was acquired by HandsOn! from Hamburg. The finals of the competition took place on June 6, 2024 where a total of 10 female-led start-ups competed from ten federal states all over again during the fourth edition. HandsOn’s Elena Dwenger and Aylin Kitte has won silver medal in the competition. In addition, the third place was secured by Hesse’s FISEGO which was represented by CTO Sophia Reiter. All the participants of the competition showed up with great ideas and narratives that serves as success stories to all the other women out there.