Franklin Women & Organon Launch Women in Science Series

By: GWL Team | Monday, 12 February 2024

Franklin Women and Organon have partnered to launch the Members Connect Series, which aims to strengthen professional networks and empower women in science, health, and technology.

The series seeks to create a forum for women to debate industry trends and pioneering programs, while also providing unique insights and chances to enhance their careers and promote female involvement in the field.

Dr. Melina Georgousakis, Founder and Director of Franklin Women, stressed the importance of connecting various women in the industry, saying, "By linking them with innovative ecosystem partners, we are facilitating opportunities for them to thrive."

Organon, a worldwide healthcare firm committed to women's health and wellness, will conduct the inaugural Members Connect event at its Sydney headquarters. Nirelle Tolstoshev, Managing Director of Organon ANZ, stated that the business believes the series has the ability to promote genuine change by investing in women in the field.

The project comes at a critical moment, after the Federal Government's Senate Inquiry into Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health and the launch of Australia's first inquiry into women's suffering in Victoria.

The Members Connect events, which are free to attend, seek to break down divisions between diverse stakeholders and contribute to better health outcomes in communities. Participants will be able to contribute to developing women's health priorities, which aligns with the overall purpose of assisting women in the health and medical research sectors.