Angela Adebayo speaks on IPR at International Women's Conference

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 2 April 2024

Inventa Nigeria’s Managing Director, Angela Adebayo enlightened the attendees of International Women's Conference which was hosted by SME100 Africa. She spoke about pivotal role of intellectual property in driving innovation and growth for businesses specifically women-led businesses.

Besides Inventa Nigeria, Angela is also Non-Executive Director at Chellarams Plc and at GTL Trustees Limited. In addition, she is a Managing Attorney at SILVAX LEGAL. With an extensive experience in IPR field, she enraptured everyone with her deliverance about the significance of securing one's creations through trademarks, patents, and copyrights. The entire session gave female entrepreneurs a thorough understanding of IPR and how to protect their intellectual assets.

Additionally, Angela participated in panel discussions and interactive sessions while candidly engaging with the participants in addition to offering guidance and assistance to them on steering the facts of intellectual property laws.

With the conclusion of the conference, the attendees gained knowledgeable insights on intellectual property rights. The collaboration between Inventa Nigeria and SME100 Africa for the International Women's Conference shows allied effort towards empowering women entrepreneurs. The female participants of the conference got to know about the procedure and process of protecting their creations that will help them in future in terms of business.