Influencers are a Unique Performance Marketing Channel

By: Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia, DRIM | Friday, 7 April 2023

We live in the digital age where most of decisions are influenced by information we head, read and see online. Influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most sought after avenues for brands to connect with consumers. Taking the marketing trend one notch up is ‘performance influencer marketing’. A relatively new tool, performance influencer marketing provides brands with an edge since it brings down the dilemma to associate through influencer marketing.

One of the early proponents of this methodology is Yulia Aslamova. A ‘digital nomad’. Yulia is currently the Head of Asia for DRIM, an online influencer marketing agency. Although Yulia forayed into the field of digital marketing seven years ago, she has since successfully combined her previous entrepreneurial experience and applied it to her career in India. Yulia is inspired by opportunities in digital marketing and strongly believes in data-driven marketing decisions.

For the last four years, Yulia has worked remotely (only!) and specialized in BD, marketing, events and branding. The freedom of remote work allows her to live her dream life, travel (to 20+ countries), balance her family life (she has a four-year-old baby) and have a successful career.

She speaks to us about her thoughts on innovation, next-gen technologies and much more.

How Do You Organize And Put New Ideas Into Practice? To What Sources Do You Turn When You Need Ideas For Fresh Innovations?
At DRIM, we follow the Agile methodology and hold bi-weekly retrospectives with the team. During these meetings, every member shares their achievements, best practices, and learnings. We engage in open discussions about what we could improve in the upcoming sprint and agree on actionable steps to achieve our goals.

Brainstorming and open discussions within the team, along with a clear goal setup, enable us to generate innovative ideas and successfully execute them. We rely solely on our customers for new ideas and regularly conduct customer interviews to collect feedback on our processes and stay up-to-date with best practices in the market.

Personally, I have two mentors with whom I meet monthly to discuss industry updates and upcoming trends.

What Is An Innovative New Marketing Strategy That You'd Implement While In This Position At Drim Global?

I introduced DRIM Global to India from scratch, shaping up the business development, customer relationships, and IT updates. As the first performance influencer marketing approach in India, our concept is innovative and new. We offer brands the opportunity to view influencers as a unique performance marketing channel, not just as a source for brand awareness and visibility.

Changing the industry is a complex task, but with our strong value proposition, we were able to change the influencer approach for leading brands in India, such as Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Swiggy, Tata Group, BankBazaar, etc., within a year.

Regarding our marketing strategy, I always follow a customer-centric approach and conduct in-depth competitive analyses. This enables me to see the bigger picture and answer the most important questions  how can we deliver value to brands and content creators?

Describe The Technological Trends That Could Cause Significant Disruptions In 2023. Which One, In Particular, Has Grown Over Time To Benefit Women In The Workforce At Drim?

I cannot overlook the impact of AI on marketing, and I must mention ChatGPT as a trendsetter in this space.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that any tech stacks designed to support remote work culture are also empowering for women in the workforce. As an early adopter of the work-from-home culture, I understand the benefits it offers to mothers of newborns who wish to build their careers while also being present for their families. Efficiency and productivity should be the focus, rather than staying in the office for the sake of it. The pandemic has demonstrated this fact clearly.

In terms of my preferred tools, I rely heavily on Notion for project management, Miro for presentations and virtual brainstorming, and GSuite, of course, for collaboration and communication.

These tools have proven to be invaluable in enabling us to work effectively and efficiently in a remote work environment.

What Is Your Preferred Way Of Communicating With Your Team About Goal Setting And Progress Reporting?

We have successfully implemented Agile methodology throughout all our verticals and departments, including daily stands to improve communication and collaboration within the team. We use Telegram as our primary communication channel, while Asana serves as our project management tool, and a few CRMs assist in tracking customer success and business development.

We believe that setting goals effectively is crucial to our company's success. Our team members take ownership of the results they aim to achieve and are provided with the necessary support, such as resources and infrastructure, to accomplish their goals. This approach allows us to foster a sense of accountability and motivation throughout the company, ultimately leading to improved performance and success.

What Branding Strategy Elements Do Successful Female Entrepreneurs USE, In Your Opinion, To Generate More Income And Have A Greater Positive Impact On The World

I strongly believe that female entrepreneurs must amplify their voices and showcase their results and achievements to the world. Unfortunately, I often observe that women entrepreneurs neglect their personal brand and PR strategy, and do not share their success stories or discuss how they have overcome challenges. This lack of visibility can hold them back from achieving their full potential.

Thankfully, I am delighted to see an increasing number of female communities, boards, and clubs opening up in India, which is a positive step towards greater gender equality and female empowerment. It is high time that India recognizes the strength and potential of its female entrepreneurs and provides them with the necessary support and resources to succeed.