A Life of Many Firsts: Tracing VP Kamala Harris' Impactful Life Journey

By: Supraja Mohanty, Correspondent | Friday, 23 February 2024

The world has been witnessing a new change with the entrance of female political leaders. A groundbreaking role as Vice President, Kamala Harris represents as powerful beacon of change in the female leader’s category. Her incredible journey has impacted the political landscape globally. She serves as an inspiration to the women worldwide promoting inclusivity and equity in politics.

Women today serve as powerful agents of change in every aspect of life and the world of politics is no different. global politics has seen the rise of women leaders who are taking centre-stage to change the dynamics and usher in a gender-balanced political landscape. Women in the contemporary landscape of global politics are surprising everyone by performing exceedingly well in this largely male-dominated sector. From homes to offices, streets to global presence, women are taking all efforts to bring gender equality to the world.

The rise of women in politics is also valiantly stimulating conservative power structures in addition to restructuring political discourse. This in turn is taking the world towards a more inclusive and diverse future.

The rise of female leaders serves as a beacon of hope to all the women in this complex and impulsive era. However, this change is directed towards a better arena which shall embrace compassion, diversity in addition to environmental responsibility in the halls of power.

Why female leaders are important in global politics?

We cannot deny the fact that female leaders play a critical role in global politics, as highlighted by studies like the Global Gender Gap Report 2022. The study highlights the importance of women’s political leadership considering their impact on policy outcomes and decision-making. The research also puts emphasis on the fact that women’s leadership is helping the political arena to excel in terms of addressing complex challenges and managing risks effectively.

An improvement has been witnessed by 2023 IPU-UN Women Map concerning women's political influence globally. The improvement comprehends 11.3% of countries having females serving as presidents and 9.8% countries having female prime ministers as of January 2023. Europe and North America have majority of women in their Cabinet Position i.e., 31.6% whereas other vicinities lag behind. There is no doubt that advancement has been taking place but meanwhile there are challenges that need to be tackled as well.

Women leaders help to bring new perspective to governance. They bring focus to issues such as healthcare, education and social justice that previously got very little attention. Women leaders challenge the orthodox system of politics while ensuring to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion.

First Female VP in US History

In the realm of global politics, a name that emerges as an eminent figure is Kamala Harris. She made history after becoming the first woman, first black and first Asian-American Vice president of the United States. This has become a milestone in the history of American politics.

Additionally, Kamala Harris created history all over again when she was elected for the 2016’s United States Senate where she was representing California. She became an inspiration for all the women in no-time because of her relentless work of putting more attention towards criminal justice reform and healthcare.

VP Kamala Harris has proven her worth by being vocal about critical issue in the country such as  safeguarding voting rights, addressing immigration challenges, and fostering economic recovery.

From Roots to Heights: Kamala Harris' Early Journey

Kamala Devi Harris, widely known for her unwavering persistence and enduring tenacity is the 49th and current Vice President of the United States. Kamala was born in Oakland, California on October 20th, 1964. VP Kamala’s parents shifted to the US while looking for the betterment of their family, resulting Kamala being very outspoken and receiving exposure to diverse cultures and experiences.

Shyamala Gopalan who raised Kamala Harris all by herself being a single-mother is also a skilful Indian biologist. VP Kamala’s father Donald J. Harris was Jamaican-American. With having parents coming from different regions, Kamala was very open to accept new cultures and environment. 

VP Kamal had an itinerant upbringing due to her family's pursuit of academic in addition to professional opportunities from Berkeley to champaign, Illinois. Notwithstanding the difficulties her family had always made sure of instilling a sense of gratitude into her towards their heritage in addition to a commitment to social justice.

Unveiling the Political Odyssey

VP Kamala entered the field of Politics with a commitment to serve the public and desire for justice. She completed her legal education at Howard University and the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. After her academical journey, she began her prosecutorial career in Alameda County where she presented her commitment to justice.

VP Kamala first served as District Attorney of San Francisco and then as the state's Attorney General. During her tenure she ensured having untiring commitment towards driving growth and unyielding pursuit of criminal justice reforms. As an US Senator, she was a supporter of healthcare reform, immigrant rights, and environmental protection.

VP Kamala is widely known for her sharp thinking, straightforward nature and resolute commitment towards challenging conventional standards and holding those in positions of authority accountable. Throughout her life, VP kamala always showed consistent dedication for promoting the interests of relegated people, her pursuit of equality and justice for all individuals.

Shining Inspiration: Why she is the Guiding Beacon!

In the year 2021, on January 20, Kamal Harris became United States’ first woman, African-American, and Asian-American vice president, creating history for the upcoming generations. This achievement of VP Kamala embodies a victory not only for her but for women all over the globe. She became a motivational women-figure for women of all age-groups while encouraging them to courageously pursue their dreams with fortitude.

VP Kamala’s growth voyage from Oakland to writing history in the book of politics, shatters all limitation and represents the transformative impact of leadership. She gleams as a beacon of hope on the global scene, retelling us all that no aspiration is insurmountable and no obstacle is too daunting for those who dare to envision a better future.

VP Kamala stands as a testimony to the resilience and prowess of women leaders globally. When the world is in turmoil and uncertain things has been happening, her leadership explains that how a courageous leader should represent herself fostering inclusivity and equality.

Let's continue to support women and girls as we honour Kamala Harris accomplishments while prioritizing to create a society where they can reach their full potential and thrive in every aspect of their lives.