Iconic Brands built by New-age Queens of the Global Beauty Industry

By: GWL Team | Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Women entrepreneurs are still a minority in the start-up world. However, women founders’ monumental contribution to various fields cannot be denied. Be it publishing, technology, fashion, radio or personal care, women are working doubly hard to make their companies household names. Stories about strong women unearthing methods to influence people or effect change in a variety of industries are galore. 

One such industry that has been redefined by women entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. We have all been witness to how women have played a momentous role as agents of change in the beauty sector lately. Be it inclusive color shades, keeping LGBTQI in the forefront or redefining the acceptable norms of beauty, these new-age women entrepreneurs have brought about a revolution.

Their work cannot be diminished, after all the global beauty business is flourishing. The beauty industry has a $532 billion market worth, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Who’s in charge of the industry? None beside these formidable women.

GWL brings to you some of the most iconic woman who impacted the world of beauty and are still accomplishing greater success as we go along. Their business journey is testament to the profound value of pursuing not only passion but passion with purpose.

Huda Kattan- Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is an American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and tycoon, and most decisively she is the founder and originator of the Huda Beauty cosmetics line which is an ascertained beauty brand in today’s date. In the initial juncture, Huda launched a "Huda Beauty"-themed WordPress site in April 2010 at the counsel of one of her sisters, where she would share makeup tutorials and recommendations.

In 2013, Huda launched a cosmetics brand with the same name as her blog: "Huda Beauty." She launched her first line of goods through Sephora, including a collection of artificial eyelashes. 

Born on October 2, 1983 to Iraqi parents, Huda and her father relocated to Dubai in 2006, as a result of, him accepting a teaching position there. Later, Huda relocated to Los Angeles and pursued a career in makeup. After a few years, Huda went back to Dubai and started working for Revlon as a makeup artist.

Later on, Huda's Dubai-based company started to sell other cosmetics, such as liquid eyeshadows, liquid lipsticks, lip liners, highlighter palettes, foundations, concealers, and baking powders.

The year 2013 is marked as a turning point for Huda as she collaborated with her sisters Mona and Alya to amplify a line of artificial eyelashes under the Huda Beauty brand, which would eventually be introduced at Sephora in the Dubai Mall. Due to Huda's proficiency in the cosmetics firm, the line has been expanded to incorporate liquid lipsticks, lip contour pencils, textured eyeshadow palettes, and complexion products. All of these products have been instant best-sellers around the sphere.

In 2017, Time magazine named her as one of "The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet." Huda was included in Successes 40 under 40 in 2020. She also held the top spot on the cosmetify Beauty Influencer Rich List in 2021.

Christine Chang- Glow Recipe

Christine is most illustrious for her television roles. She is from Taiwan and Later She relocated to New York City and appeared in several television shows, including As the World Turns and Cosby.

She is Glow Recipe's Co-CEO and Co-Founder. She and her business partner launched Glow Recipe in 2014, a website with South Korean "natural" beauty goods that are free of elements that are frowned upon (parabens, talc, mineral oils, synthetic colours), rigorously researched, and carefully selected by the co-founders but Glow Recipe skincare was introduced three years later.

Christine discussed middle school beauty tips, her quest for the ideal nude, and the distinction between patting and rubbing with the Cut.

Her company manufactures fruit-forward, dermatologically proven skincare products for radiant, healthy skin. Since 2014, their goal has been to enable the female community to take each day as it comes and to nourish their skin with the nutrients it requires at the appropriate times because no two days are alike.

 Aashka Goradia Goble- RENÉE Cosmetics

Aashka Goradia is an Indian model and ex-television actor. She has partaken in copious fashion shows as a model and performed in several Hindi television dramas. 

She is the founder and director of the Indian cosmetics company RENÉE Cosmetics. Aashka's goalmouth to endow Indian women with class, colour, and eminence that's unmatched, and a commemoration of the quintessence of the modern woman gave rise to RENÉE, which means "rebirth." 

The company is best known for its revolutionary FAB 5-in-1 Lipstick, but it also manufactures a variety of small lipsticks, lip glosses, highlighters, and liners, as well as Dual Chamber Day & Night Serum, Superior Makeup Oils, and other skincare products. The brand exemplifies expediency and innovation by the amalgamation of the necessities of the modern woman's everyday life in a small package.

Now that they have committed to innovation and transformation, RENÉE & AASHKA are getting ready to test the waters abroad.

In just one year, RENÉE has become a bestseller on Amazon and Flipkart India, experienced a 30x revenue increase, partnered with more than 200 famous people, won numerous achievement awards like Femina Power Brand, ET Most Promising Leader 2021, and CNBC Most Trusted Brand and has received unending support from Indian women.

Melissa Medvedich- Supernal

Melissa Medbedich worked as a Creative Director before launching her brand. Launching the brand, took around two years for her. Outset with the beginning of her studies, Supernal's creation involved every part of it. Supernal translates to "celestial." According to her, Supernal will continue to be a concentrated range of essential skincare products as it expands.

She knew exactly how she wanted it to look and feel. That part came effortlessly, but she put the most effort into making sure her first flagship product, Cosmic Glow Oil, was flawless. She experimented with a tonne of different formulas, making small adjustments.

She worked as a designer and creative director in the media industry before starting Supernal. She studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her career began with work in basketball and hip-hop, and her final stop was in the field of digital publishing at Stylecaster, where she was hired to assist in redesigning and relaunching the website. Her first position was in the editorial division of Vogue.

To cover the expense of her education and establish the brand as she is self-funded, she was freelancing concurrently. Supernal was her long-time dream project and essentially a continuity of her design aesthetic, so aside from the title.

Barbara Kleinschmidt- Director of Totally Wild (Pty) Ltd

Barbara Kleinschmidt is the founder and CEO of Totally Wild (Pty) Ltd, a 13-year-old Cape Town-based firm that specializes in natural and organic products derived from South Africa's native, wild-grown Aloe ferox plants. Barbara has thirty years of expertise in the aloe sector.

The luxury line of food and beverage products developed and marketed by Cape Town-based Totally Wild use ALOE FEROX as their primary component. No artificial additives or preservatives are used in any of the items; they are all 100 percent natural. 

Totally Wild (Pty) Ltd, a firm based in Cape Town that specializes in the production of a variety of specialized beverages and skincare products, has created the Aloe 24/7 product line. Aloe Ferox is the main component of these products.

Barbara is a single mother of three adult sons. She has always been passionate about naturopathy, conventional medicine, and natural remedies. She concentrates on items that will aid their customers' health. Additionally, the South African aloe sector depends on a sizable rural labor force to gather before the aloe leaves, creating jobs and improving a lot of entire communities that were previously underprivileged.

Masaba gupta, lovechild

In 2009, Indian-Caribbean clothing designer Masaba Gupta debuted her line, House of Masaba, following her graduation from SNDT Women's University. The company has expanded its offerings throughout the years to include menswear, swimwear, accessories, trendy jewellery, and many other categories. In well-liked conjunction with a cross-beauty platform, Nykaa, she debuted a line of unique Masaba beauty products showcasing the brand's distinctive bold patterns with both the Masaba by Nykaa collector's edition series.

Since her dramatic debut at the Lakme Fashion Month at the age of 19, the 31-year-old creative, who has acted as an influence for up-and-coming manufacturers in her group, is recognized for transforming the landscape of the fashion industry. Designer Masaba Gupta, who has ten years of expertise, is known as the "Queen of Prints" and was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2017. 

Masaba Gupta is well known for being an expert in the fusion style. She displays the rich cultural identity she got from her mother, Indian actress Neena Gupta, and her father, West Indies cricketer Sir Viv Richards.

Rihana-Fenty beauty:

On February 20, 1988, Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in Saint Michael, Barbados. In addition to becoming the first woman of colour to head an LVMH brand, she was also the first to develop an original brand for the company that is now called “Fenty Beauty”.

Under LVMH's Kendo Brands, Rihanna debuted her highly regarded cosmetics line Fenty Beauty in 2017. According to Forbes, Rihanna owns 50% of the Fenty Beauty company. In exchange for a $10 million partnership, Rihanna would produce several cosmetics.

Fenty Beauty was initiated by Rihanna "so that women globally would be included," concentrating on a large variety of typically difficult-to-match complexion tones, creating formulations that are effective with all skin types, and identifying common hues. The media has closely tracked Rihanna's music and fashion choices throughout her career because of her distinctive style and public persona. 

She aims to encourage people above everything else, saying that makeup can be enjoyable. There shouldn't ever be any pressure. It shouldn't ever feel uniform 

“It shouldn't ever feel stressful. It shouldn't ever feel uniform. Feel free to explore new things, take risks, and dare to do something different.” she stated. She decided to rule the skincare industry after revolutionizing the beauty industry. She founded Fenty Skin with the intention of "creating wonderful products that genuinely work, that are easy to use, that everyone can get in on," beginning with cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

In both its 2012 and 2018 issues, Time magazine featured Rihanna as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. Luxury clothing retailer Net-a-Porter named Rihanna one of the year's best-dressed women.