Women's Social Media Network Coto Expands to Middle East

By: GWL Team | Monday, 4 December 2023

Coto, a revolutionary social media network solely for women, is targeting the Middle East for worldwide expansion in order to empower women entrepreneurs and influencers globally. Tarun Katial founded Coto, which mixes social networking and business by leveraging artificial intelligence to build a platform where women can "engage freely and unapologetically." Coto's unique token, meant to alter the digital environment for women globally, will be tested in the Middle East.

The portal also functions as a social commerce center, allowing women in the region to develop, launch, and scale-up businesses through community innovations. The coto token seeks to be a catalyst for female artists and their communities by providing unique product trade options.

The platform is expanding its reach across the MENA region, including the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco, and Lebanon, with ambitions to launch in Saudi Arabia. Coto's growth strategy includes strategic alliances with women-led businesses and brands, as well as engagement with content producers, specialists, and non-governmental organization leaders. Partners such as Vertical Network and Egyptian fashion brand Le Voile have already joined the organization.

Tarun Katial highlights the importance of aligning relationships with Coto's ideals, with the goal of creating a flourishing ecosystem that transcends traditional borders. The site has successfully started in Egypt, where it has completed collaborations and hosted breast cancer awareness events, with hopes to develop hundreds of women-only communities internationally over the next several years.