Women Founders Unite to Create 8SIANTOWN in Metaverse

By: GWL Team | Wednesday, 2 August 2023

8SIANTOWN is a ground-breaking open metaverse project that was founded by two women, Nicole Yap and Loretta Chen. The creator of 8SIAN, Nicole Yap, has proven her prowess in the field of blockchain technology; her NFT project, 8SIAN, is the only one from Malaysia or Southeast Asia to trend among the Top 10 projects on OpenSea.

In less than a day, the project brought in over 3,000 ETH (about USD 9 million) in secondary transactions. Leading metaverse architect Loretta Chen, a well-known media figure, is the leader of a Singapore-based metaverse architectural business that just introduced the Kingdom of Bhutan to the public metaverse.

In the open metaverse, the joint venture 8SIANTOWN hopes to become the first Southeast Asiantown in history. It will provide a distinctive online setting that honours and advances Southeast Asian culture across the world. The developers of 8SIANTOWN intend to enhance the virtual environment by adding well-known sites from Singapore and Malaysia.

Through partnerships with well-known intellectual properties, the initiative seeks to transform the Web 3 sector and establish Southeast Asia as a leader in digital innovation. This includes Animoca Brands' subsidiary Sandbox, a well-known decentralised virtual environment for gaming, being integrated into 8SIANTOWN. Opportunities for creativity are created, like digital tourism.

Celebrities from Southeast Asia are also intended to be included in the joint venture, giving them a platform to increase their impact worldwide. Through leveraging the creative potential and digital acumen of the area, the creators anticipate a promising future for the Metaverse in Southeast Asia.

With planned partnerships with businesses, personalities, and intellectual property, 8SIANTOWN aims to be a leading pioneer in the Southeast Asian Metaverse arena, demonstrating that the Metaverse idea is not exclusive to Western markets or geographical barriers.