Tourism Society Urges Male Allyship for Gender Equity

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 28 November 2023

At a recent think tank organized by The Tourism Society, industry professionals emphasized the crucial role of male allies in attaining gender equality in the travel and tourism sector. The panel, led by Alison Cryer MBE, discussed the underrepresentation of women in decision-making and leadership roles, despite accounting for more than half of the business's global workforce.

The debate focused on the WTTC Cancun Women's Declaration of 2021, a landmark pledge by travel and industry professionals to promote equality and female representation. The proclamation offered essential initiatives for women to be empowered as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Alessandra Alonso, creator of Women in Travel Cic, Jools Sampson, a recipient of the male allyship program, and Shaon Talukder, entrepreneur and inventor of Geotourist, were among the panelists.

The think tank's co-chair, Alessandra Alonso, urged males in positions of leadership to actively participate in sharing their experiences and advantages with female colleagues. The panelists highlighted the barriers that women experience in the sector, with Sampson emphasizing the transformational power of mentorship, particularly in navigating the post-pandemic context.

Shaon Talukder noted male peers' reluctance to engage in allyship, expressing fears of making errors or being regarded as part of the issue. Despite these qualms, he stressed the transformational effect of his mentorship position and urged other males to offer their skills and open up their networks to help women in the field.

As the sector sees an increase in solo female travelers, the need for greater fair representation in senior roles becomes more pressing. The success of Women in Travel Cic's first-ever allyship industry study this year demonstrates the organization's dedication to continued education and research for future generations of travel and tourism professionals.