ThincHer launches New Partnership with Sweat

By: GWL Team | Friday, 7 June 2024

University of Adelaide’s entrepreneur initiative, ThincHer has launched a brand-new collaboration with the leading fitness app, Sweat on June 5, 2024. The initiative is committed to young women based at ThincLab i.e., its business incubator.

This alliance shall benefit women students’ business and leadership development to a next step while addressing the fitness need as well as support for mental health. ThincHer has an aim to empower women and help them to reach their full potential. This initiative will aid women and assist them to grow further in their respective fields with better understanding.

Oveena Widyaratne, student of University of Adelaide stated, “As a woman in both STEM and Business, my career aspirations aim to break traditional barriers for women in both fields across the globe, build bridges that connect entrepreneurs with the programming and tech industry, and do my part in creating a positive impact in the world.”

She added, “ThincHer’s focus on female entrepreneurship and leadership beautifully complements Sweat’s dedication to empowering women by enhancing their health and wellbeing. As the ThincHer student ambassador, I’m absolutely buzzing with excitement about how this partnership addresses a wide spectrum of women’s needs. I have complete faith that the ThincHer community will be pumped to prioritise their wellbeing while chasing their dreams.”