ShinWon hosts activities for Female Employees in Vietnam

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 16 April 2024

With an ongoing corporate responsibilities’ global awareness across various sectors, ShinWon Corporation has been participative towards social initiatives at home and abroad. ShinWon is South Korean fashion company which was founded in 1973 with headquarters in Seoul. The firm specialises in manufacturing, fashion & apparel retail business, marketing, warehousing, design, product development, sourcing, supply chain, specialty washing, and 3D fit development.

The firm’s headquarters along with other subsidiaries has arranged various activities to commemorate advancements in women's rights and equality on International Women’s Day i.e., March 8, 2024.

Additionally, 2 production plants of the firm have hosted a grand gala concert and a poster contest in Vietnam for employees. Besides, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Indonesia plants organized band performances during commutes along with set up photo zones in addition to distributing roses to share the meaning of Women's Day.

JJ Park, CEO of ShinWon Corporation said, “I am confident that as our employees grow and develop, our company will also experience growth. We will enthusiastically support each employee's dreams and goals while engaging in diverse CSR initiatives like mentoring programs, gender equality education and our ongoing project for building homes.”

The firm has announced the ongoing commitment towards gender diversity and inclusiveness by being actively participative in attempts to improvise the working conditions of female employees.