She Angels Foundation Addresses Funding Gap; Helping Female Entrepreneurs

By: GWL Team | Wednesday, 10 July 2024

A non-profit organisation, She Angels Foundation is doing philanthropic work to tip the scales through innovative collective. Founded in 2020, the foundation provides grants to women-founded non-profit organizations providing mentorship, funding, and resources to diverse female entrepreneurs.

Director of Strategic Partnerships of Marketing and Outreach at She Angels Foundation, Robin Radin stated, “Women and girls receive less than 1.8% of all US donations annually, which was really shocking.”

The reason behind the co-founding of She Angels Foundation is this disparity only. Catherine Curry-Williams and Catherine Gray ventured on a journey to establish such a foundation during the initial stage of COVID-19 pandemic in order to make tangible difference.

Robin elucidated the lifelong relationship of Catherine with philanthropy highlighting her founding of Shane’s Inspiration (Now, Inclusion Matters) in the year 1998. After her son’s demise in in infancy, she decided to venture into the field of philanthropy.

He said, “Instead of donating $5 here, $25 there to different causes, collective giving means your annual donation is pooled with other members’ donations to make larger, more impactful gifts.”

Concluding, the foundation has been aiding women and girls for their issues since its inception. Having donated over $200,000 to numerous firms via monthly grants of $5,000, it has made significant strides in less than 4 years.