Romania Launches PEFA: Promoting Gender Equality

By: GWL Team | Saturday, 10 February 2024

In accordance with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda, Romania is prepared to make substantial achievements toward gender equality and economic empowerment for women. The Romanian Government's impending inauguration of the European Patronage of Businesswomen, PEFA, on February 12 marks a significant step in this direction.

The establishment of PEFA represents a firm commitment to removing barriers and developing a corporate environment favourable to gender equality. Andreea Negru, President of PEFA, emphasized the need of working collaboratively with state authorities to create revolutionary change and construct a future in which both men and women have equal opportunity for success.

The next conference, titled "PEFA Conference: Gender Equality. Agenda 2030," will include talks critical to ensuring equitable treatment for men and women in different areas of life. The event, hosted by the Department for Integrated Evaluation and Monitoring of Programs Financed by Public and European Funds of the Romanian Government, aims to raise awareness and action on gender equality concerns.

Roxana Mînzatu, Secretary of State, stressed the government's commitment to creating an environment that encourages female entrepreneurship, as well as greater engagement and faith in the beneficial impact of women's involvement in Romania's economic and social fabric.

The event will feature notable speakers such as government officials, representatives from international organizations, and executives from diverse industries, demonstrating a shared commitment to furthering gender equality and economic development in Romania and elsewhere.

The creation of PEFA marks a new chapter in Romania's journey toward gender equality, indicating a deliberate commitment to realize women's full potential in driving economic growth and societal progress.