Over 53k Women Veterans Enrolled in VA Health Care

By: GWL Team | Thursday, 13 June 2024

In between May 2023 and May 2024, over 53,000 women veterans have enrolled in VA health care nationwide, as declared by the Department of Veterans Affairs on June 12, 2024, exemplifying a major rise from 2023 and the largest enrollment year for women veterans to date.

A total of 4,318 women veterans have enrolled in that period, solely in California, marking rise of 20% from 2023. On Women Veterans Recognition Day, the announcement has been made that honours America’s military women by commemorating the 1948 signing of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act anniversary which is similar with the Military Women’s Memorial located in Arlington, Virginia.

Tanya Bradsher, VA Deputy Secretary said, “On this day in 1948, women were granted a formal place in our country’s military. Today, the more than 2 million women Veterans living in the U.S. make up our fastest growing Veteran population. It’s important to all of us here at VA that every woman Veteran knows she belongs at VA.”

Moreover, VA Under Secretary for Health Shereef Elnahal, M.D. added, “It’s our goal for every woman Veteran to receive all the benefits she has earned, and that includes world-class health care. We want women Veterans to know that VA has invested in more services for women Veterans than ever before. VA can now offer women the best and most accessible options for all their care needs, and we want them to apply for the health care they deserve today.”