Mastercard & Women Choice launches 2 programs to Empower Women

By: GWL Team | Wednesday, 3 April 2024

A global technology company, Mastercard has launched two new programs i.e. ImpactHer and EmpowerHer in collaboration with a women’s leadership dedicated international organisation, Women Choice, in order to assist and support female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in addition to creating job opportunities in Middle East and Africa.

While catering in the IT Services and IT Consulting industry, Mastercard has been providing access of digital tools and training for women in order to aid them in starting and building their businesses and create jobs. Having the founder as Nezha Alaoui, a social entrepreneur, the firm serves in Education Administration Programs industry that has successfully completed its 2023 pilot cohort.

This alliance between Mastercard and Women Choice aims at empowering businesses that are led by women. They shall provide resources in addition to growth opportunities while having a target to provide 1 million employment opportunities for women by the year 2030.

Executive Vice President, Market Development, EEMEA at Mastercard, Amnah Ajmal said in a statement, “At Mastercard، we are committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable world، where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Our expanded partnership with Women Choice will not only have a significant impact on women in the workplace across the region، but also provide women entrepreneurs with the right skills، resources and tools to succeed and drive economic growth in the region.”

Additionally, Founder & CEO of Women Choice, Nezha also added, “We are proud to see the successful results of the program launched in 2023 in collaboration with Mastercard and are excited to see the partnership continuing to grow through 2024. We are now focusing on scaling the impact. Bringing change and improving the situation of women in the workplace and providing support to women-led businesses is a key element to help economies in the Middle East and Africa region grow and further thrive.”