CHIPS Women in Construction Framework introduce to Expand Women's Employment

By: GWL Team | Monday, 13 May 2024

As a part of Secretary Gina Raimondo's Million Women in Construction effort, the U.S. Department of Commerce introduced the CHIPS Women in Construction Framework. In order to expand the proportion of women employed in construction over the ten years, this programme aims to increase the size of the American construction workforce.

Intel and Micron are the maiden giants to join the initiative. The participating companies, contractors, trade unions, and community partners will collaborate to increase women's and economically disadvantaged individuals' participation in CHIPS program-funded construction projects. The implementation of best practices, including goal setting, community partnerships, and training pathways, aims to support women in the construction industry and ensure the timely completion of the Chips programme.

Gina Raimondo mentions, "It is simple of math that if we are going to meet the national and economic security imperatives of the Chips Programme, we are going to figure out how to fill the thousands of jobs we are creating, and we won't fill those jobs without growing our construction workforce to include more women." She further added, "The Chips Women in Construction Framework aims to increase women's representation in the construction workforce by fostering collaboration among companies, communities, unions, and training partners."