Ceylon Chamber & MDF T&C concludes Women-Focused ToT Program

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 9 July 2024

In a collaboration, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and MDF Training & Consultancy have concluded a Training of Trainers (ToT) program with an aim to advance gender inclusivity, promoting women’s economic empowerment.

The program entitled as ‘Building the Capacity of Women Business Development Coaches in Sri Lanka’ was designed to improve women business development coaches’ capabilities in Sri Lanka.

It was held in two intensive sessions including the participation of 30 coaches. In order to foster women trainers’ dynamic network who can assist in addition to mentoring women entrepreneurs, the program as a result strengthening the ecosystem for women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

30 selected coaches of the program have received in-depth training during those 2 batches that includes topics like women’s entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka; commerce, environmentally sustainable businesses, digital marketing, and business coaching skills and planning, with an intent to develop practical coaching skills as well as effective planning strategies in order to assist and mentor women entrepreneurs successfully.

So, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce shall anchorage the mentioned coaches to arrange more women-centric business coaching sessions.

Basically, the program plans to address the challenges that women entrepreneurs encounter that also includes limited resources’ access, networks in addition to mentorship opportunities. By creating capable women business coaches’ network, the program can help these women with the network who can provide tools knowledge, and support to women entrepreneurs that they require to grow.