Aramedes Introduces Women's Designs to Mecca Collection, Offering Essential Features for Muslim Practitioners

By: GWL Team | Wednesday, 28 June 2023

Swiss luxury watchmaker Aramedes has expanded its Mecca Collection to include designs specifically tailored for women. This collection incorporates crucial features that aid Muslims in their religious practices, enabling them to access vital information effortlessly.

Until just three months ago, there was a significant gap in the market for a high-end watch that could provide Muslims with essential information such as the direction of Makkah, prayer times throughout the day, and fasting hours during Ramadan. Aramedes has stepped in to fill this void by introducing a sophisticated electronic component built into the watch casing, along with specially developed software.

This innovative technology utilizes mobile radio triangulation to determine the wearer's position accurately. The watch displays relevant information on subdials and gently vibrates to remind wearers of the five daily prayer times. By pressing the button at the 2 o'clock position, the watch leverages the wearer's location data to compute the direction of Makkah, presenting it on a dial resembling a compass. Additionally, it determines the timing of dawn and sunset based on the wearer's location, showcasing the results on a panel positioned at 6 o'clock.

Tom Morf, CEO and co-founder of Aramedes, spoke about the collection in an interview with Arab News. He emphasized that Muslims incorporate astronomical concepts into their daily lives, particularly when it comes to observing dawn and sunset. Morf stated, "You need to know where Makkah is, no matter where you are on the planet."

Aramedes adopted a "less is more" strategy in designing the collection. Morf explained, "We aimed for a traditional, enduring, and subtle design. When discussing religion, caution and tactfulness are necessary, along with a sense of class and appreciation." The watch face features Arabic numerals, while the back of the watch incorporates elements reminiscent of mashrabiya, a traditional Islamic architectural pattern, showcasing the company's reverence for Islamic culture.

Morf further emphasized, "This timekeeper possesses a subdued elegance, avoiding extravagance or ostentation. We desired a timeless, traditional mechanical timepiece with additional features."

The expansion of Aramedes' Mecca Collection to include women's designs represents a significant step forward in meeting the needs of Muslim individuals seeking a luxury watch that seamlessly integrates with their religious practices. With its blend of sophisticated technology and tasteful design, Aramedes continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing exceptional timepieces that cater to diverse cultural and religious requirements.