AMAKA Studio unveils Study about Black Women in the US

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 14 May 2024

A leading social publishing platform, AMAKA Studio has conducted a study entitled ‘Black Women in the United States: Navigating Dual Cultures and Shaping Futures’ and the results has been unveiled. This particular platform is known to connect brands to its global network of content creators.

The study was entirely focused on a comprehensive exploration into United States’ Black women’s lives while also putting light on their challenges as well as navigating dual cultures and the profound impact they have on society.

The study involved 12 women for qualitative interview process and more than 680 survey responses has been collected from the US that spotlights invaluable insights into the experiences and perspectives of Black women across the country.

Founder of AMAKA, Adaora Oramah stated, “Black women's entrepreneurship is not only driving economic growth but also fostering innovation and resilience within communities. Their entrepreneurial endeavors reflect a determination to overcome barriers and create opportunities for themselves and others."  

She added, “Black women have long been at the forefront of cultural movements, shaping trends and influencing popular culture. Our research underscores the undeniable influence of Black women as trendsetters. Advertisers must recognize that we are not just consumers but drivers of culture. Campaigns should authentically resonate with our values and experiences to truly connect with our community.”