4th European Gender Equality Week announces Parliament

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 24 October 2023

EP committees and delegations will hold discussions and public hearings on 'Gender Equality: What's Next? from 23 October to 29 October, marking the fourth European Gender Equality Week.

The fourth edition of European Gender Equality Week, announced by Vice President Evelyn Regner, involves various parliamentary committees and delegations holding sessions to address gender equality issues in their policy areas.

The Fisheries Committee will discuss gender equality in agri-food systems with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, while the International Trade Committee will examine the EU Trade policy's impact on gender. The Subcommittee on Public Health will also discuss women, power, and cancer whereas the Committee on Industry, Research, and Energy will consider a gender-equal transition to clean energy.

The Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee will discuss challenges for women in finance and economics, Carlien Scheele, the Director of the European Institute for Gender Equality will present the 2023 Gender Equality Index, and discuss supporting women in politics. The committee will also discuss the 2023 Green Deal transition.