$300,000 Grant given to San Diego non-profit Leap to Success to Support Women Overcoming Social problems

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 24 January 2023

The Stand Together Foundation has given a $300,000 grant to the San Diego-based non-profit Leap to Success to support its transformative programs for women surviving trauma, domestic violence, and homelessness. In order to break the cycle of poverty throughout the United States through creative empowerment-based programming, Leap to Success was selected to be a part of the foundation's Catalyst Impact Grant Program.

Leap to Success, a non-profit organization founded in 2008, helps women reconstruct their lives by teaching them the confidence-building skills they need to be financially, socially, and emotionally secure. Their programs give women the knowledge and assistance they need to end the hereditary cycles of violence, dysfunction, and poverty by boosting their self-esteem, enhancing their communication abilities, and preparing them for the workforce. Over the course of 15 years, the exclusive Leap to Success approach has assisted more than 2,500 women.

One of the first 25 NGOs to take part in a Stand Together Foundation effort to foster the nation's most innovative organizations in order to bring about long-lasting change is Leap to Success. Leap to Success, the only non-profit in San Diego to get the funding thus far, will obtain $300,000 over 3 years to enable additional women in San Diego and around the nation to take advantage of their tried-and-true, highly efficient programming.

Being chosen by the Stand Equally Association for our empowerment strategy, which helps women alter their lives and believe in themselves, is the highest honour for Leap to Success, according to Dana Bristol-Smith, the organization's executive director. "Thanks to this award, we will be able to assist thousands more women nationwide."

Any woman who satisfies the prerequisites for preparation is welcome to attend the free workshops offered by Leap to Success. Through education and training, their programs provide a transition from crisis-focused care to personal restoration and stability. Programs are currently delivered online.

Programs include:

Leap to ConfidenceThis six-week session series is dedicated to building personality and communication skills to have the company, a permanent transformation in a supportive cohort. It is designed for women facing serious life issues who are prepared to develop self-reliance and self-confidence.

Transformation Leadership- Women who have attended Leap to Confidence are eligible to apply to participate in this exclusive nine-month program designed to develop leadership, public speaking, and advocacy abilities. This program is only available once every two years. Participants are a part of a supportive group of women who work, learn, and grow together, and each has a personal leadership coach.

With the help of this funding, Leap to Success will develop a new Coach Certification Program to broaden its services and assist more women across the nation. The licensed Leap to Confidence program will be introduced to more organizations under the fee-for-service program in 2022. There are now two new Leap to Confidence cohorts operating in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee, with plans to add ten more regions by 2023.

About Leap to Success

Women who are experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, and other significant life obstacles are educated and given the tools they need through Leap to Success to help them attain their full potential. More than 2,500 women have benefited from the services provided by the organization since it was established in 2008 by Dana Bristol-Smith. These women now have the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize their own worth and personal power, turn adversity into strength, and motivate others to do the same.