'Centre for Women Entrepreneurs' to provide rural Texas women entrepreneurs with awards totaling $350,000

By: GWL Team | Tuesday, 25 April 2023

The Texas Rural Woman Grant application process will open on May 15 at the Centre for Women Entrepreneurs (CWE), a program of the Jane Nelson Institute for Women's Leadership at Texas Woman's University.

For a total of $350,000, 35 $10,000 scholarships will be given to deserving Texas rural women entrepreneurs who have been in the company for at least three years. This is the first time the grant has been made available to rural women who want funding to grow their enterprises. Before June 9 at 5 p.m., a full online application must be filed. On June 26, winners will be declared.

The acquisition of new inventory or raw materials, the purchase and installation of fixtures or display units, property improvements, or other business-related activities that are in line with the program's goals may all be covered by grants. Grants may also be used to pay for farm equipment, fencing, or other products. Sales tax and wages cannot be covered by grants.

To obtain money, awardees must take a virtual training course provided by the centre and meet with a small business counsellor. The training will include lessons on marketing, business development, and financial growth.

According to Tracy Irby, director of CWE, "The Centre for Women Entrepreneurs is funded to help women business owners throughout the state of Texas. Rural women lack access to the tools, education, and funding that are frequently accessible in urban regions. 35 women who would not have the resources to grow their businesses will benefit from this funding.”