Dr Rizwana Sultan: Navigating The Hr Landscape With Vision & Industry Expertise

Dr Rizwana Sultan: Navigating The Hr Landscape With Vision & Industry Expertise

Dr. Rizwana Sultan
Director - HR

In the dynamic landscape of human-resources, HR leaders play a crucial role in shaping the organizational culture, fostering employee engagement, and aligning HR strategies with broader business objectives. They navigate a diverse range of challenges, from talent acquisition to employee development, contributing significantly to the success and growth of the organization.

One exemplary HR leader, who embodies the essence of strategic HR practices is Dr. Rizwana Sultan, currently serving as the Director of HR at SAMS Brokerage Firm in Dubai. Dr. Sultan's initial role as a lead SAP and data analyst laid the foundation for her expertise in HR operations and ELCM. She dipped her hands in varied responsibilities spanning across Administration, L&D, Talent-Acquisition (TA), and Talent-Management. Eventually, she ascended to the role of Director-HR, where she focused on aligning HR strategy with broader business strategy.

In her current role at SAMS Brokerage Firm, Dr. Sultan is committed to refining organizational design based upon market dynamics, enhancing TA processes to onboard talent well on time, and policies that match to Gen-Z. Fostering a positive workplace culture, innovative HR solutions, and nurturing the professional development of her team satisfies her.

Throughout her journey, Dr. Rizwana Sultan has worked with talented individuals and dynamic organizations, shaping her understanding of HR's strategic role in achieving business objectives. Committed to continuous improvement, she is eager to bring her accumulated skills and experiences to contribute to the success of any organization she becomes a part of. Dr. Rizwana Sultan stands as an exemplar of an HR leader who understands the transformative impact of strategic HR practices on organizational success. Let’s hear from Take us through the formative years of your life what were some key early influences in life that shaped you as an individual?

My formative years were a mosaic of diverse experiences that profoundly shaped my character and professional outlook. Raised in a below-middle-class community in an underdeveloped part of India, I learned the virtues of hard work, consistency, and the importance of valuing others' work with dignity.

"Dr. Rizwana sultan has worked with talented individuals & dynamic organizations, shaping her understanding of hr's strategic role in achieving business objectives"

Despite facing unique adversities, I consider myself fortunate to have lived many lives within one. My father was all about self-reliance and dignity. On the other hand, my mother was the first bread winner and working woman in her family even when the odds were stacked against her. I think it is due to her influence that I came to consider myself an autodidact and a lifelong learner, that I became so open to the primacy of education.

What aspects of your educational background led you to enter the field of human resources?

My life as a mother and homemaker was itself an educational experience in HR comparable to the rigors of a B-School. A family is not a profit-driven enterprise, of course, but as an ensemble of individuals, managing a family is entirely a question of human resources. Moreover, throughout my academic journey, I have cultivated a well-rounded and diverse range of educational backgrounds encompassing disciplines such as humanities, science, technology and the attainment of an MBA, among NET and RPSC. Latter on getting a doctorate in psychology and literature from MLS University Udaipur, India, I was always close to the question of human behavior and human condition. Since I had been dealing with the human questions, I was very close to the field of human-resources. Nevertheless, when I entered the corporate HR realm after 40 in Hindustan Zinc, I still had to navigate many challenges—and qualified SAP certification and learning HR technology sufficed for some. Exposure to various HR areas fueled my pursuit of higher professional qualifications, leading to a one-year executive program in HR from a premier B School, IIM-Calcutta, India.

Throw some light on the key areas of expertise you have developed as a leader in hour over the years.

Continuous learning had been a hallmark of my success, which I gained through experiential and hands-on learning on complete cycle of Talent-management in alignment with business goals. Hiring the right talent is a starting point of my forte. One of the employee retention strategies include a positive workplace culture and I've initiated programs fostering engagement and satisfaction. In organizational-development, I identified areas for improvement and led change management initiatives, including training programs and performance management systems. Embracing HR technology, I implemented SAP HR solutions for streamlined operations and utilized analytics for data based proactive decisions. Building talent-pipeline, creating high-performing teams through effective leadership and continuous learning have been priorities. Overall, my approach encompasses strategic planning, talent-management, engagement, development, technology integration, and talent-pipeline, contributing to HR excellence and organizational success.

Shed light on the significant challenges you face in your present role and discuss how you navigate these obstacles.

In my role as a business leader in the real estate industry, I tackle complex challenges by implementing tailored strategies. The unpredictable real estate market is addressed through robust market research, economic monitoring, and collaboration with experts. Recruiting and retaining talent in Dubai's competitive market involves a comprehensive expatriate matching strategy, integrating cultural assimilation and ongoing support. Addressing international customer behavior challenges is achieved through curated training programs. Integrating automation and analytics enhances prescriptive decision-making, streamlining processes and driving business success. By adopting a strategic, learning-focused, and customer-centric approach, we position ourselves to thrive in Dubai's dynamic real estate market.

How do you foresee the global HR landscape evolving in the new future? Which industry trends will have the most significant impact?

The rise of remote and hybrid work models, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, demands adaptive strategies for effective team management, employee well-being, and fostering virtual camaraderie. The spotlight on employee well-being encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health, urging organizations to prioritize initiatives like mental health support and flexible work arrangements. Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives gain prominence, recognizing their business value for innovation and success. The technological and workflow automation advancements, data analytics, and proactive adoption for overall employee experience. Data-driven decision-making and global talent management initiatives is the key to make future ready organizatio.

Dr. Rizwana Sultan, Director-HR, Sams Brokerage Firm

Dr. Rizwana credits her diverse experiences while growing up for profoundly shaping her character and professional outlook. Her career began as a lead SAP and data analyst. Subsequently she shouldered various responsibilities such as Administration, L&D, Talent-Acquisition (TA), and Talent-Management. In her current role as Director of HR at SAMS Brokerage Firm, Dr. Rizwana is focused on refining organizational design based upon market dynamics, enhancing TA processes to onboard talent well on time, and policies that match to Gen-Z.


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