Cris Steinman: Empowering Transformation Through Human Development

Cris Steinman: Empowering Transformation Through Human Development

Cris Steinman
Founder & CEO

In recent years, women have been increasingly making their mark in the corporate world, particularly in the role of CEO. This trend signifies a significant shift in traditional gender roles, highlighting the game-changing influence of women leaders in various industries. These female CEOs bring fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and a unique approach to leadership that often fosters inclusivity, diversity, and sustainable growth within their organizations.

One such trailblazing figure is Cris Steinman, the CEO and Founder of LCK (Life Changing Knowledge), a prominent personal development and soft skills training company. With over 20 years of experience in the human development industry, Cris Steinman holds a Master's degree in Human Development and is certified in various methodologies, including NLP, Logotherapy, and RTT.

Since founding LCK in 2014, Cris Steinman has been at the forefront of creating dynamic and cutting-edge content that leaves a lasting impression on individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. Under her leadership, LCK has become a leading force in the field of humanistic training, offering programs like 'Reinvencion Total' and hosting the popular podcast 'Y tu que harias'.

Beyond her role at LCK, Cris Steinman demonstrates her commitment to social and educational development through her presidency at Fundacion Vocess Confin, where she actively supports children in shelters with human development training programs. Additionally, her work as President of the volunteer group of the Secretaria de Finanzasdel Estado de Mexico from 2008 to 2011 showcases her dedication to making a tangible impact by managing support initiatives for rural communities.

“The real journey lies in continuously evolving into the finest rendition of ourselves in every instance—observing, cherishing, embracing, & acknowledging our intrinsic worthiness”

With her extensive experience, passion for human development, and commitment to social responsibility, Cris Steinman exemplifies the transformative power of women in leadership roles, paving the way for future generations of female CEOs to make their mark on the corporate landscape. Let’s hear more from her.

What prompted your entry into the realm of human development? Could you elaborate on your extensive professional journey as a trainer?

My venture into personal development commenced during a period of financial hardship when I was resolute

on establishing a multi-level marketing company. Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset became paramount. I came to understand that the outcomes of my actions could either propel me forward or hinder me, contingent upon my readiness to shoulder responsibility. I gleaned the importance of investment and delved into success principles such as cultivating a positive attitude towards circumstances, identifying and nurturing the talents of those around me, and establishing firm yet compassionate boundaries. Success, to me, transcended mere action; it involved a process of personal transformation followed by aligned actions, not the reverse. Moreover, I grasped the significance of continual learning, evolution, and adaptation. Merely possessing knowledge wasn't adequate; its application was paramount.

As I delved deeper, I found myself grappling with profound inquiries: Why do unfortunate events occur to virtuous individuals? Why do some individuals, despite being well-prepared, encounter financial struggles? What is the essence of life? What constitutes the formula for happiness? How can we foster robust communication with our offspring? What are the requisites for nurturing a marital relationship that consistently ignites, motivates, and rejuvenates? Leveraging my structured thought process and innate communication skills, I embarked on teaching, recognizing that life wasn't solely about personal advancement but also about aiding others on their journeys.

Could you share insights into the primary areas of expertise you've cultivated in guiding clients through professional and personal development journeys?

I employ a comprehensive model, applicable both within corporate environments and on an individual level, known as the 'Integral Model of the Human Being'. This model is grounded in the concept that individuals engage in internal self-work across six distinct dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, social, energetic, and spiritual.

Within this framework, I've honed expertise in the mental domain, concentrating on the intricate workings of the unconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind. This focus allows me to delve into the depths of individuals' psyches, identifying and addressing limiting beliefs that hinder the manifestation of their aspirations.

Recognizing that each person absorbs information and experiences through diverse lenses, I emphasize the importance of evaluating oneself across these varied dimensions. This approach not only facilitates an understanding of areas requiring growth but also provides insight into the most effective methods and tools for personal development.

Please provide an overview of LCK. What are the diverse roles and responsibilities you undertake in your capacity as the company’s CEO?

In my role as the CEO of LCK, a primary obligation entails articulating the company's vision—clarifying our trajectory and elucidating its significance. This encompasses not only delineating our societal impact but also procuring essential resources and cultivating client relationships to propel us towards our objectives. Ensuring the seamless operation of all facets of the company, ranging from financial management to sales, constitutes a significant aspect of my duties. However, my genuine fervor lies in propelling forward our vision, mission, and the underlying purpose driving our organization.

Discuss some of the primary challenges you face as a business leader, particularly in your interactions with clients. How do you navigate these obstacles?

In the realm of business leadership, challenges abound, especially when engaging with clients. One notable hurdle we confront revolves around the consistent delay in prioritizing training on organizational culture within Mexico, particularly when focusing on individuals rather than procedural aspects. Nevertheless, we've been steadily advancing in this area by emphasizing the correlation between individual happiness, fulfillment, and recognition and heightened productivity across industries.

Central to our approach is the identification of our clients' genuine needs. Rather than merely promoting a standardized training service, we strive to deliver tailored solutions that precisely address their specific requirements. Achieving this alignment poses our foremost challenge.

Moreover, we endeavor to introduce state-of-theart tools while encouraging clients to embrace these advancements with an open mindset. Our strategy for surmounting these challenges hinges on prioritizing client satisfaction. By ensuring that our clients are genuinely pleased and content with our services, we foster long-term partnerships. Transparency and equitable pricing play pivotal roles in this endeavor.

From your perspective, what standout achievements have marked your professional journey thus far? Additionally, could you elaborate on the guiding principles that have underpinned your success over the years?

I firmly believe that we have emerged as one of the premier companies specializing in personal development training within Mexico. Our vision extends beyond mere success; we are deeply committed to effecting positive change on a global scale. Among my most gratifying accomplishments is the opportunity to pursue a vocation that ignites my passion and to share it with my country through initiatives such as the LCK Experience—an event that attracts over 1000 attendees and features 11 esteemed speakers. Our objective is to curate a platform that brings together leading experts across diverse fields, aligned with our comprehensive 6-area model, to provide attendees with cutting-edge insights and knowledge from internationally renowned speakers.

Throughout my journey, my success mantra has revolved around the conviction that individuals who establish a profound connection with themselves— mind, energy, and spirituality—hold boundless potential to realize their aspirations in life. I firmly adhere to the principle that belief precedes achievement; the crux of success lies in cultivating unwavering self-belief.

How do you anticipate the trajectory of human development in the near future? Which emerging industry trends do you believe will exert the most significant influence on Mexico's landscape of human development?

The landscape of human development is undergoing a gradual transformation, with advancements unfolding incrementally. Notably, quantum physics has emerged as a pivotal force reshaping personal development paradigms. Today, we acknowledge that alongside the mind, body, and spirit, energy also plays a crucial role in our existence. Topics concerning human energy potential are gaining prominence, buoyed by breakthroughs in scientific understanding, with epigenetics serving as a prominent illustration among others.

Moreover, a vast expanse awaits exploration—the realm that acknowledges humans as the true architects of the world and its manifestations. Processes and enterprises stem from human endeavors, underscoring the significance of esteeming industries and companies within this framework. The more we appreciate these entities in their human-centric context, the greater their potential for success.

A message to aspiring women leaders & entrepreneurs:

One of the most empowering insights I've gained is recognizing the boundless nature of love and resources. It's not a matter of possessing more than others or outperforming them; comparisons are unnecessary. The real journey lies in continuously evolving into the finest rendition of ourselves in every instance—observing, cherishing, embracing, and acknowledging our intrinsic worthiness. If only individuals grasped that greatness resides within us, ready to be unlocked and cultivated, we would unleash an abundance of contributions. Remarkably, the act of giving fosters a reciprocal flow, where the more we offer, the more we receive in return.

Cris Steinman, CEO & Founder, LCK

Cris Steinman is the CEO & Founder of LCK (Life Changing Knowledge), boasting over 20 years of experience in human development. With a Master's in Human Development and certifications in NLP, Logotherapy, and RTT, she spearheads LCK's innovative personal development training programs. Steinman's leadership extends to social initiatives, including supporting children in shelters through Fundacion Vocess Confin. She excels in tailoring solutions to clients' needs, emphasizing holistic growth across physical, mental, emotional, social, energetic, and spiritual dimensions.