Beatrice Binard: Guiding Organizations Through Transformative Leadership

Beatrice Binard: Guiding Organizations Through Transformative Leadership

Beatrice Binard
Executive International Coach

In the realm of global women leaders in Europe, a dynamic cohort has emerged, embodying resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to transformative leadership. Among these trailblazers is Beatrice Binard, a distinguished figure seamlessly blending bicultural experiences to bring a unique perspective to transformative leadership. With a background spanning corporate giants and the coaching domain, she stands out for her emphasis on emotional intelligence and innovative coaching strategies. Beatrice's journey from corporate heights to coaching excellence reflects a steadfast commitment to breaking barriers and fostering leadership growth.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with The Global Women Leader, Beatrice shares the imperious details of her journey as one of the influencing leaders from Europe. Let’s delve into her story.

What specific expertise have you developed as an international executive coach and consultant over the years?

In my 13-year journey as an international executive coach, my first expertise lies in fostering self-aware­ness. Whether through tools like MBTI DISC or 360 feed­backs, my focus is on helping individuals understand their functioning, identifying strengths, uncovering blind spots, and pinpointing areas for growth. Another core area of my expertise revolves around purpose-driv­en leadership, always going back to WHY we do things, where I guide individuals on cultivating a genuine desire for leadership development. Lastly, I specialize in emotional intelligence, utilizing the EQI model by Daniel Goleman and Professor Bar-on. This model, encompassing 15 EQ skills, delves into how emotions shape interactions, relationships, decision-making, and stress management. As a coach, I believe these skills are integral for leaders, influencing communication, vision development, and the ability to inspire and lead effec­tively.

Can you provide an overview of Oasys and Company and the underlying idea behind the venture and its areas of specialization?

Over the past decade, Oasys Group has undergone remarkable growth through the acquisition of several companies, including Performance Consultants France in 2022, in which I was a Partner. Oasys Group's core focus lies in HR transformation, addressing challenges at company, team, and individual levels. OASYS Group’s offerings span the entire spectrum of HR needs: outplacement, individual & team coaching, Leadership Training programs, social restructurings, Mobility …. We cover the overall value chain of HR needs depending on the client’s situation.

"Unlocking leadership potential requires not just navigating challenges but turning them into stepping-stones for growth & positive change"

What major challenges do you face in your role as an international executive coach and consultant, and how do you overcome them?

Starting my coaching journey at 38, I encountered a significant challenge early on. An HR director hesitated to engage me as a coach for his senior directors, expressing concern that being a younger woman might be a barrier for older male executives. It was tough, but over time, as I gained confidence, I found that this obstacle wasn't insurmountable. Today, in 99% of cases, being a woman coaching men isn't an issue. Overcoming the initial challenge involved working on my self-perception, convincing myself that I belong and am as capable as anyone.

Could you highlight some significant achievements in your professional journey?

Discovering coaching in 2007 during my time in the Orange Reunion executive committee was a pro­found turning point in my life. As the lone woman in a predominantly male, rational-focused environment, discovering I had a personality profile so different from the other EXCO members initially left me questioning my place. Serving as the performance director in charge of supply chain and purchasing added to the challenge. Wrestling with self-doubt, I contemplated changing roles. However, I eventually realized my unique relation­ship and emotionally oriented perspective was a valu­able complement. This revelation prompted my journey into professional coaching two years later, reshaping my life significantly. One of my main achievement since then, is to use this “different profile” in an effective and useful way through executive coaching with Emotional Intelligence, and a great ability to build strong business relationships: many of my clients have been for almost 10 years now!

Over the years, what would you say has been your success mantra as a business leader?

Being inherently enthusiastic, positive, and optimistic shapes my approach as a business leader. For me, suc­cess lies in fueling the development of human potential through coaching. It's about instilling optimism and inspiration in the leaders I work with, showing them unwavering belief in their capabilities. I strive to em­body leading by example and aligning actions with be­liefs. This approach, rooted in genuine belief in human potential, enhances the power of leadership and fosters an environment where individuals can thrive.

A business leader you admire & why: I deeply admire Christine Lagarde, the first female President of the European Central Bank. From her groundbreaking role as the French Minister of Economic Affairs to leading the IMF, she's demonstrated exceptional leadership in managing crises and making crucial decisions. Lagarde, an international influencer, is a true role model for women, shattering the glass ceiling.

Message for aspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs: Believe in yourself genuinely, irrespective of gender. Embrace the mindset that if you believe it's possible. AS Mark Twain said: “they didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it”.

Beatrice Binard, Executive International Coach, Oasys & Company

Beatrice Binard, armed with a master's degree from Neoma Business School (France), embarked on a dynamic journey after completing her education. Starting as a yield manager at Air France, Beatrice transitioned to consulting, honing organizational and strategic skills at Ernst and Young (later Capgemini) in insurance and telecom sectors. Her adaptability and resilience thrived in the male-dominated consulting world. In 2005, she joined Orange Reunion as a performance director, where she discovered and embraced coaching. In 2009, she initiated her independent coaching practice, Skyline Consulting and Coaching, and later became a partner at Performance Consultants in 2018, specializing in emotional intelligence and leadership training.


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