Women's Equal Participation in Business, Political & Public Life Imperative for Growth

By: Rachita Sharma, Managing Editor | Monday, 20 May 2024

Women form nearly half of the world's population, but continue to be a minority in the workforce. Their representation is even lower in top leadership roles. With a lack of opportunity and a conducive environment, women have to fight an uphill battle to join the workforce and an even tougher battle to reach the top echelons of the business world. But businesses and governments are gaining the awareness about the advantages of having more women in the workforce and leadership positions. It has also been widely acknowledged that women's equal participation in business, political and public life is beneficial for all. It has also been recognized as a marker for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

In such a scenario, emphasis must be on creating work strictures and societal structures that support women's foray & growth in the world of business. Another critical factor that can support women in their working ambitions is the presence of role models. Having role models to look up to can enable women to believe that they too can have it all.

The Global Woman Leader believes in this wholeheartedly and is on a mission to tell the success stories of women leaders from across the world. The current edition of the magazine introduces readers to some of the most prolific women leaders from across North America.

On the cover we have Cris Steinman, the CEO of LCK (Life Changing Knowledge). She boasts over 20 years of experience in human development and has a Master's in Human Development and certifications in NLP, Logotherapy, and RTT. She spearheads LCK's innovative personal development training programs. Steinman's leadership extends to social initiatives, including supporting children in shelters through Fundacion Vocess Confin.

Monica Febles Alvarez Icaza, the CEO of AxisIMA is another prolific woman leaders featured in the current issue. Born in Mexico City in 1972, Monica's early years were shaped by her international upbringing. Monica's journey reflects not only her international exposure but also her family's entrepreneurial spirit, contributing to her success as a leader in her role as CEO at AxisIMA.

The magazine issue also tells the story of Anja Spilker, founder and CEO of ZALOA Languages. She is a polyglot entrepreneur and lifelong learner with a passion for startups and connecting people across different countries. Born and raised in Germany, she has lived in France, Switzerland, Canada, and Mexico. Currently, she splits her time between Mexico, the US and Europe. 

We also shed light on the success story of H Maura Lendon, Chief Legal Officer, Greenlane Renewables. She is a proficient and internationally experienced executive and general counsel with over three decades of experience in integrating strategic perspective and sound judgment to build sustainable value while mitigating risks for businesses.

Read more about these women leaders and the secret to their success.

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