Women's Equal Participation In Business, Political & Public Life Is Beneficial For All

By: Rachita Sharma, Managing Editor | Monday, 26 February 2024

Women form nearly half of the world’s population, but continue to be a minority in the workforce. Their representation is even lower in top leadership roles. With a lack of opportunity and a conducive environment, women have to fight an uphill battle to join the workforce and an even tougher battle to reach the top echelons of the business world.

But businesses and governments are gaining the awareness about the advantages of having more women in the workforce and leadership positions. It has also been widely acknowledged that women’s equal participation in business, political and public life is beneficial for all. It has also been recognized as a marker for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

In such a scenario, emphasis must be on creating work strictures and societal structures that support women’s foray & growth in the world of business. Another critical factor that can support women in their working ambitions is the presence of role models. Having role models to look up to can enable women to believe that they too can have it all. The Global Woman Leader believes in this wholeheartedly and is on a mission to tell the success stories of women leaders from across the world. The current edition of the magazine introduces readers to some of the most prolific women leaders to watch out for in 2024.

Gracing magazine’s cover is Janine Jakob, Founder, Full Potential Partners. Janine, a dual master's degree holder in International Business from Munich Business School and SKEMA Business School, boasts a prolific career with over six years at Hewlett- Packard (HP). Her roles encompassed account management, intrapreneurship, and international consulting projects, showcasing her versatility and strategic acumen. Certified as a Positive Intelligence Coach, NLP and Global DISC Practitioner, ICF Coach to be, and ICCI Career Advisor, Janine founded Full Potential Partners in China in 2018. As its visionary leader, she oversees a multicultural team, providing peak performance and well-being consulting, leadership training, coaching, and cross-cultural communication solutions. Janine's innovative leadership earned her recognition, making her a finalist for the "Innovative Young Woman Leader of the Year" by the American Chamber Beijing. Her dynamic presence extends to global stages, including TEDx, where she shares her insights as a keynote speaker.

We also introduce readers to the success story of Radeemada Mungkarndee, Partner and Head of Patent & Life Sciences at Lexel, boasts a multidisciplinary background with four degrees. Her journey as a patent lawyer evolved through diverse roles, emphasizing the integration of scientific expertise and legal acumen. With over two decades of experience, she leads Lexel, contributing to its pioneering position in Thailand's legal landscape.

Read on to know more about these women leaders and the secret to their success as business leaders.

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